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IBM leverages SoC tech in supercomputer design [EE Times]

November 22, 2002

This article at EE Times sheds further light on IBM's much heralded Blue Gene/L project. The system will have 65,000 processors in it (wow, that's multiprocessing to the max), will take up 5,000 feet of floor space (not your typical embedded system), and will consume 1.2 MW (that's megawatts, not milliwatts) of power. (more…)

New Linux PDA for the Chinese market

November 22, 2002

Group Sense PDA Ltd. (GSPDA) has introduced the Linux-based V-2002 PDA into the Chinese market. Like many recent PDA introductions, the V-2002 is based on an Intel StrongARM system-on-chip processor and provides a full-color 320 x 240 pixel LCD display. (more…)

Experimenting with New Methods in Voice over IP [Linux Journal]

November 22, 2002

This online article at Linux Journal explains how VoIP is being performed in a Linux lab using the soft switch and telephony hardware to improve sound quality. The article includes an overview of the basic concepts of IP telephony and its support under Linux. The authors write . . . (more…)

Microwindows v0.89 is released

November 21, 2002

An announcement from the Microwindows project . . .

Microwindows v0.89 is released, and available as two archives. Version 0.89 release supports multi-threading, DVDVIEW, PCF fonts, tiles/stipples

This release adds many enhancements and bugfixes. Major enhancements include support for X11 .pcf/.pcf.gz and MGL loadable fonts, Japanese JISX0213 and EUCJP encoding/fonts, multithreading… (more…)

Practical Linux Programming: Device Drivers, Embedded Systems, and the Internet

November 21, 2002

Writing at Linux Journal, Marty Leisner reviews Practical Linux Programming: Device Drivers, Embedded Systems and the Internet (Author: Ashfaq A. Khan; Publisher: Charles River Media; ISBN: 1-58450-096-4). Leisner writes . . . (more…)

Advanced filesystem implementor’s guide, Part 13 [IBM developerWorks]

November 21, 2002

This is the final installment of the Advanced filesystem implementor's guide! In this article, Daniel Robbins picks up where he left off in his Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) introduction (Part 12) and guides you through the process of using evmsn, EVMS' ncurses-based administration tool. (more…)

Controlling Creatures with Linux [ELJonline]

November 21, 2002

Steve Rosenbluth, Michael Babcock, and David Barrington Holt explain how RTLinux has been used to satisfy various real-time requirements of The Jim Henson Company's animatronics and 3-D computer graphic puppets, in this Linux Journal article published at Embedded Linux Journal Online (ELJonline) . . . (more…)

Intel and Los Alamos National Lab build largest InfiniBand cluster

November 21, 2002

Baltimore — (press release excerpt) — Intel announced at Supercomputing 2002 the largest InfiniBand cluster test-bed built yet. The 128-node cluster housed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and will initially will be used for InfiniBand software stack validation and hardware testing, and ultimately will be available for protocol research and development. (more…)

ELJonline: Controlling Creatures with Linux

November 21, 2002

How embedded Linux satisfies the various real-time needs of The Jim Henson Company's animatronics and 3-D computer graphic puppets. (more…)

Transmeta previews “Crusoe” uP successor [CNET]

November 21, 2002

Aiming to compete with Intel's upcoming “Banias” mobile processor, Transmeta is previewing its new TM8000 family this week at Comdex. Code-name “Astro,” the TM8000's are due in the middle of next year, when they will be positioned as successors to the company's current TM5000 “Crusoe” processors, reports Michael Kanellos at CNET. (more…)

Guess who’s now #1 in “single board computers”?

November 20, 2002

Believe it or not, if you do a search on Google using the expression “single board computers” (in quotes, as shown), the top result returned among over 35,000 results is none other than (more…)

Open Mobile Alliance unveils specs and industry forum consolidation

November 20, 2002

Las Vegas, NV; Comdex — (press release excerpt) — The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) today introduced the OMA Release Program including new technical specifications. Additionally, OMA announced the completed consolidation of key industry forums. (more…)

Please vote: in the Fall 2002 Embedded Linux Market Survey

November 20, 2002 requests its readers and everyone else interested in embedded software to participate in the Fall 2002 Embedded Linux Market Survey. By answering these questions, you will help build a composite profile of the Embedded Linux market. (more…)

Embedded Linux and the Law [EE Times]

November 20, 2002

This online EE Times article by Michael Barr (editor-in-chief of Embedded Systems Design) and David Beal (general manager, Embedix Tools, Lineo) debunks some of the myths surrounding the legality of using Linux and open source software in embedded systems, and suggests some “Rules to code by” to ensure protection of intellectual property. (more…)

Embedded Linux powers new NEC home audio/video server

November 20, 2002

Tokyo — (press release excerpt) — NEC has selected MontaVista Linux as the embedded operating system within a new home audio/video server. The NEC AX10 home server is a disk-based recorder for audio-visual applications and is one of the “new style” of products developed by NEC as part of its personal computer line. (more…)