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Archive for February, 2005

COM Express module runs Linux on a 2 GHz Pentium

February 23, 2005

< !-1 ->Kontron has announced a “computer-on-module” (COM) device based on the upcoming COM Express specification developed by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG). The ETXexpress-PM supports Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded and is one of the first products based on COM Express, (more…)

Linux-powered digital photo gadget morphs into Doom console

February 23, 2005

< !- 1->Jobo AG, a specialist in digital imaging, originally fielded its Giga Vu Pro as a tool for digital photography buffs, but this small embedded computer, running a Linux 2.4 kernel, has much broader potential. A free software development kit for the device is now available (more…)

2005: The year of the Linux mobile phone?

February 23, 2005

< !-1 2 3 4 5 ->Some believe that 2005 will become the year of the Linux mobile phone, as manufacturers flock to off-the-shelf operating systems in order to cut costs and speed time to market, while managing the increasing complexity of their wares. Yet others think (more…)

Linux device serves up music

February 23, 2005

< !-1 2 3 ->Conextion Systems Inc. is showcasing its Linux-based digital music server at the Electronic House Expo Spring 2005 conference in Orlando, Florida this week. The Digital Ambience 1010 “intuitively manages a home user's music collection” and can play different music in multiple rooms simultaneously (more…)

HOT TOPIC: Linux on a roll in mobile phones

February 23, 2005

It's only been about two years since Linux started becoming a significant factor in mobile phones, an arena that has been dominated by Symbian, Microsoft, and proprietary operating systems. (more…)

Tiny IP PBX serves 50 users, runs embedded Linux

February 22, 2005

< !-1 2 3 4 ->This extremely compact Linux-based IP PBX from Snom Technology accommodates as many as 50 users in a small- to medium-sized enterprise, providing both a SIP proxy and media server with a full PBX feature set, plus voice messaging, conferencing and other applications. (more…)

Low-profile system targets network devices, Internet appliances

February 22, 2005

< !- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1->WIN Enterprises is shipping a low-profile, Pentium-based system aimed at developers of mid-range “networking devices” including servers, routers, firewalls, VPN gateways, and “Internet appliances.” The 1U rack-mountable device includes six 10/100 Ethernet ports, and comes with support for Linux. (more…)

Intel puts chips on embedded path

February 22, 2005

< !-1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ->Intel Corp. announced that it will now make three recently introduced mobile microprocessors and a companion chipset available to embedded system designers. The slate consists of the Pentium 760M, Celeron 370M, and ultra-low-voltage Celeron 373 processors, plus the Mobile 915GM Express chipset. (more…)

Software turns voice into remote control

February 22, 2005

< !- 1->Opera Software has leveraged its ViaVoice collaboration with IBM to create the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) software development kit. Programs incorporating the techology will let users control their DVD players, DVRs, and digital TV set-top boxes by talking to them. The EPG's IBM voice libraries are available for Linux (more…)

Java development sees productivity gains

February 22, 2005

< !-1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ->Aonix has announced the release of a new version of its Java virtual machine (JVM) for real-time and embedded applications, delivering productivity gains of 2X to 10X and a run-time efficiency comparable to that of C++ implementations, according to the company. (more…)

Motorola’s multimedia e680 cellphone gets mixed review

February 21, 2005

The heavily multimedia-oriented Motorola E680, the company's first Linux-based mobile phone available outside the Far East, has received a mixed review at The reviewer generously praises the E680's man-machine interface in all of its many aspects but pans its RF performance and quibbles (more…)

PCI Express board packs 8-port switch, supports Linux

February 21, 2005

The Model 6468 GigPCI-Express Switch board announced by DSS Networks is a flexible communications board geared to run Linux 2.4/2.6 or VxWorks 5.5. The board links an 8-port Ethernet switch to an 8-lane PCI Express host interface, with an onboard FPGA for management, control, and routing. (more…)

PCI engines optimized for open-source PBX software

February 21, 2005

Sangoma Technologies has customized its T1/E1/J1 voice/data boards to optimize their use as embedded PBX coprocessors. Dedicated PBX “engines” offload TDM voice traffic from a CPU, resulting in fewer dropped calls, less jitter and better voice quality, the company said. Sangoma's AFT (“Advanced, Flexible Telecommunications”) boards (more…)

Linux-based home appliance handles many tasks

February 21, 2005

< !-1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1->The Glaucus multipurpose appliance from Digital Glu combines home automation features, multimedia storage, Internet firewall/router, content filtering, and other tasks within a single compact, lightweight device. (more…)

Archos Linux-based portable audio/video player available online

February 18, 2005

< !-1 2 3 4 ->The much-ballyhood Linux-based “fourth generation” Archos PMA400 personal video recorder/player (PVR/PVP) — with a 3.5-inch color LCD, 30GB hard drive, wireless Internet access, Qtopia PIM suite, and lots of other cool features — is now available for purchase online from Archos's website. (more…)