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An introduction to the MeshBox — a Linux-powered wireless mesh repeater

Dec 16, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

LocustWorld recently announced a hardware/software implementation of an open access point platform capable of meeting the needs of community networks. The system is available for purchase as a ready-to-go system (the “MeshBox”), or the software can be freely downloaded from LocustWorld's website. Originally released as a bootable CDROM called “MeshAP,” MeshBox now combines the capabilities of a set-top box Internet Appliance, wireless mesh router, connection to remote windows terminal servers (or other PCs), web browsing, mp3 audio and mpeg video streaming, connection to multiple peer-to-peer networks, instant messaging network chat, and file exchange. asked Jon Anderson, the creator of MeshAP and MeshBox, to provide some background on these interesting projects — and here's what we learned . . .

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