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Embedded Linux — one year later

Sep 29, 2000 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive's Rick Lehrbaum offers a perspective and retrospective on the current state of embedded Linux, and its progress over the past year, after attending the “big” Embedded Systems Conference in September, 2000. Lehrbaum writes . . .

“If you could travel back in time to the Embedded Systems Conference of September 1999, you would find that the 'Embedded Linux Market' simply did not exist, one short year ago. Sure, a growing number of developers and a handful of companies were starting to embed Linux. But as a market that anyone tracked, or paid attention to, Embedded Linux simply hadn't made it onto the radar screens.”

“How many (and which) companies counted themselves as 'Embedded Linux Companies' one year ago? How many Embedded Linux news releases and new product announcements were issued at last September's ESC? Not many. One year ago, embedding Linux was a relatively rare phenomenon and was mostly the result of developer innovation — not the fruits of marketing plans and promotional strategies.”

“There were some exceptions, some pioneers. To find out what was going on in the 'world of embedded Linux' one year ago, I turned to my favorite research tool (can you guess?) and scanned headlines around the time of ESC, September 1999. That search turned up many of the seeds of today's Embedded Linux Market . . .”

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