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Embedded SSL library supports TLS

May 9, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

A project to create a free (LGPL), small-footprint client/server SSL library supporting TLS (transport layer security) has achieved its initial release. The axTLS library includes a CGI-enabled web server, test tools, and language binding for C#, VB.Net, Java, and Perl. Written in ANSI C, it has been tested on Linux, Win32/Cygwin, and Solaris, according to the project.

The axTLS library is highly configurable, and uses mtool, the ncurses-based configuration system used by busybox and the Linux kernel. It has four main configuration options, including:

  • Basic server mode — 44KB
  • Server mode with client verification — 50KB
  • Client/Server — 55KB
  • Client/Server with diagnostics — 63KB

axTLS's mconf-based configuration system
(Click to enlarge)

axTLS includes a CGI-enabled https server based on anti-Web, and has also been built with mini-httpd and busybox, according to the project website.

Touted features include:

  • Uses TLSv1 (transport layer security, an improvement on SSLv3)
  • Session resumption for high SSL performance
  • AES128/AES256 for high quality encryption (as well as RC4, for resource-constrained systems, and IE6 compatibility)
  • Variable RSA key sizes (512-4096 bits have been tested)
  • Simple API with about 20 functions in C, and no structures
  • Peer client/server verification, certificate chaining, session renegotiation
  • DER/PEM ASN.1, X509v1 formats
  • Highly configurable compile-time options
  • Interfaces for C#, VB.NET, Java, and Perl


axTLS is available now, under the GNU LGPL. Additional details can be found on the axTLS website.

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