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Free embedded Linux presentations, training materials

Sep 30, 2004 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

An embedded Linux training and services company in the South of France has published 500 pages of embedded Linux training materials and presentations under an open source license. The materials are available in English, and have been contributed to the community by Free Electrons, based near Sophia Antipolis.

All materials and presentations are published in their entirety under the GNU Free Documentation License, and are available in PDF, HTML, OpenOffice Impress/Writer, and Microsoft PowerPoint/Word formats.

The training materials comprise one-third theory and two-thirds practical lab work. They include:

  • Introduction to Unix and GNU/Linux — A one day course
  • Embedded Linux kernel and driver development — A two day course
  • Development tools for embedded Linux systems — A one day course

Presentations include:

  • Java in embedded Linux systems — includes reviews of popular Free Software Java implementations
  • What's new in Linux 2.6? — includes new features and considerations for device driver authors
  • Introduction to uClinux — also useful as a reference for experienced programmers
  • Real-time in embedded Linux systems — focusing on RTAI, but also covering standard kernel options and commercial offerings

Free Electrons spokesperson Michael Opdenacker said, “These documents can be a useful resource for people interested in learning how to run GNU/Linux and Free Software on embedded systems. They can also be used as a reference for some of the most useful commands and on-line resources.”

The materials are available here.

For additional information on embedded Linux training, including training events, dates, and times, be sure to consult our Events listings.

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