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Free Linux stack for Sharp Zaurus revised

Mar 20, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

The OpenZaurus Project has achieved a new release of its free Linux software environment for Sharp's Linux-based Zaurus PDAs. OpenZaurus 3.5.4 supports most older Zaurus models, and includes nearly 3,000 source packages, along with native and cross-development tools that let developers create custom PDA… Linux implementations.

The OpenZaurus project maintains an alternative, more developer-friendly Linux stack for Sharp Zaurus PDAs. It is based on Open Palmtop Integrated Environment, which originated as a fork of Trolltech's Qt/Embedded stack. It also includes the GPE Palmtop Environment (GPE), a suite of lightweight PIMS (personal information management) applications for Linux-based PDAs.

Additionally, OpenZaurus integrates a writeable root filesystem.

The project's nearly 3,000 source packages can be used to build some 12,000 Zaurus applications, according to the project's release master, Marcin Juszkiewicz. “While few applications are included in the basic OpenZaurus distribution, developers [can] assemble custom PDAs from a wealth of available, reusable open source software,” Juszkiewicz said.

Additional release highlights of the 3.5.4 OpenZaurus release include:

  • Opie 1.2.1
  • GPE 2.7
  • Native and cross-development tools
  • WPA support on all machines
  • Linux kernel 2.6.14-rc1 for C7x0-series Zaurii
  • Keymap corrections for all machines
  • Fixed keyboard repeat on c7x0 machines
  • Suspend/resume issues on “collie, poodle, tosa” have been fixed
  • Lots of Bluetooth base system improvements
  • Some 802.11g CF cards probably work now
  • Enlightenment DR 17 images (experimental)

The release supports the following Sharp Zaurus models:

Support for Sharp's hard-drive equipped Cxx00-series Zaurus models is expected to arrive in a few weeks, with the planned release of a version. Juszkiewicz notes, “Due to a lot of problems with 2.4.20 on cxx00 machines we have decided to not release 3.5.4 for those machines. It does not makes sense to release 3.5.4 with crappy cxx00 support and then lose our reputation when some weeks later we could have with proper cxx00 support.”

Additional details about OpenZaurus 3.5.4, including important release notes, installation instructions, and downloads, can be found at the OpenZaurus website, here.

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