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Free software legal expert belittles SCO “shysters”

Nov 25, 2003 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

Eben Moglen, General Counselor for the Free Software Foundation, has issued his second statement concerning the recent SCO lawsuits. The statement comprises an entertaining and accessible (for a legal document) summary of SCO's failure to provide either factual or legal support for its lawsuit against IBM alleging copyright infringements.

Moglen has served as pro bono General Counselor for the Free Software Foundation since 1993. The statement is based on a presentation Moglen gave to the Open Source Development Lab's (ODSL) User Advisory Council in Portland, OR, on Oct. 8, 2003, updated to take account of subsequent developments. His earlier pronouncement on recent SCO's legal activities is here.

You can read Moglen's latest article here:

SCO: Without Fear and Without Research

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