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froglogic Releases Automated Qt GUI Testing Tool Squish 1.0

Nov 18, 2003 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

Froglogic is now shipping Squish 1.0, a professional cross platform automated GUI testing framework for applications written using Trolltech's Qt GUI toolkit. According to Froglogic, Squish enables automated testing of existing Qt applications without any modifications to the application under test (AUT).

Test scripts are written in the full-featured scripting language Tcl, giving test engineers great flexibility. Functions and properties of the AUT and Qt can be controlled and introspected at a high level in addition to low level events. Support for other popular scripting languages will follow in future releases. To ease creation of tests, scripts can be recorded and later edited manually. The recording mechanism replaces common event sequences (like clicking on a button or choosing a menu item) with high level function calls to produce more robust and maintainable scripts, according to Froglogic.

Tests are organized in suites consisting of multiple test cases and arbritrary test data files. Squish also offers an API supporting data-driven testing to separate test input from test scripts. The framework is very flexible and can easily be set up for batch-mode testing for automatic nightly regression runs. The system can be fully controlled via command line tools. In addition, Squish includes an integrated development environment (IDE) to develop, record, execute, and debug test scripts and manage test suites. Test results can be post-processed through an open interface, allowing easy integration into existing QA environments, according to Froglogic.

Squish's alpha and beta versions have been used by many developers and QA engineers looking for a Qt GUI testing solution that goes beyond the functionality of event record and replay tools. Constructive feedback and feature requests from alpha testers resulted in a Qt GUI testing tool which satisfies the demands of Qt developers and QA engineers, says Froglogic.

“We are glad to see that there is a complete automated GUI testing solution for Qt,” said Eirik Chambe-Eng, Trolltech AS president. “Automated GUI testing is important for professional software development and the availability of Squish is an important addition for the Qt development community.”

“We have been playing with Squish since the first alpha version and were very pleased with its rapid growth from a minimal test scripting tool to a full-featured product. The support was terrific, and we are looking forward to using Squish in production,” said Bill White, an engineer at Perforce Software Inc.

Froglogic currently offers two licenses for Squish. A 1,600 Euro “Developer License” is required for users that create, record, edit, or modify tests with the Squish tools. A 300 Euro “User's License” is required for users who only run tests and process test results.

Froglogic was founded by two former Trolltech senior engineers, Reginald Stadlbauer and Harri Porten, and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

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