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Guest opinion: Software reuse, DSO, and breaking old rules

Apr 19, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

In this guest editorial, FSMLabs CEO Victor Yodaiken relates his company's experiences in the real-time Linux market to Wind River's efforts to reposition embedded software development as “device software optimization,” or DSO.

“Embedded software has become complex in the last two decades, and methods that worked in days when hardware was 90 percent of the complexity and value, when development times were leisurely, and where systems were neither networked nor complicated are now unbearably costly and ineffective,” Yodaiken writes.

“As [Wind River CEO Ken Klein] and others have pointed out, much of the problem is that embedded development teams are spending time and effort on 'reinventing the wheel',” he continues. “The solution is software reuse — or 'DSO,' if you like more complicated terms.”

Read the complete guest column here:

Software reuse and DSO — breaking the rules of embedded software development

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