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Lineo announces high availability “vertical clustering”

Jun 25, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

Paris — (press release excerpt) — Lineo Inc. today announced the availability of Lineo Availix Vertical Clustering 1.0, an innovative solution to provide Internet data centers, large Internet service providers and access providers with high scalability and performance for non-stop access services.

Availix clustering solutions are based on the Linux operating system, high-speed switched technologies, and the CompactPCI bus. They offer high availability and full hot-swap capabilities with all the benefits of a single administration interface per cluster and shared devices.

The Availix Vertical Clustering (Availix VC) architecture consists of interconnected CompactPCI clusters (called Horizontal clusters) and data storage devices over a storage area network. Interconnections, based on high-speed switched fabrics, allow significant workload distribution over horizontal sub-clusters. Within this architecture, Lineo's Availix solution is able to process and deliver huge amounts of content.

According to Hugo Delchini, Lineo high availability CTO, Lineo's Availix Vertical Clustering is the outcome of three years of development started at CNRS (French national research center).

Availix Vertical Clustering 1.0 introduces the following innovations:

  • Second level of high availability load balancing
  • Full architecture monitoring for fail over management
  • Secured shared data, using distributed and synchronized Linux file system (GFS)
  • Switched technology cost reduction due to clusters minimal interconnection with storage area networks
  • Remote maintenance using SNMP protocol on vertical architecture
  • High density of servers up to 16 CPUs per 8U Cluster
  • Scalability from two to as many as seven processor clusters
The Availix Vertical Clustering architecture can be used to build an effective global solution including storage area networks.

Based on distributed horizontal clusters, the Availix VC architecture runs Web serving, application serving, and databases. It handles applications such as Apache, Zeus, Sendmail, SMTP, FTP, Radius, H323 gatekeeper, DNS, Real Server, Oracle parallel server, and MySQL.

Availix VC is available on Pentium CompactPCI boards from I-Bus and VMIC. Lineo's Availix VC 1.0 facilitates the interconnection of horizontal clusters. It is now available and priced at $500 per CompactPCI horizontal cluster. Availix Horizontal Clustering 1.3 is priced at $2000 per processor board.

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