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Real-time Linux claims single-digit microsecond responsiveness

Sep 12, 2005 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

FSMLabs will demonstrate its real-time Linux operating system delivering single-digit microsecond timing on 64-bit dual-core AMD Opteron processors, at ESC this week in Boston. The company says its RTLinuxPro, Carrier Grade RTLinux, RTCore real-time nano-kernel, and Eclipse-based development tools (currently beta testing) all support “a wide range” of AMD processors.

FSMLabs added AMD64 support in July, including AMD Opteron, Athlon 64, and Turion 64 chips. The company launched it's Carrier Grade product in May. AMD began shipping it's dual-core 64-bit Opteron processor in April.

According to FSMLabs, an AMD Opteron 265 dual-core system running RTLinux can deliver guaranteed interrupt latencies of no more than five microseconds, with scheduling jitter of no more than eight microseconds, even with Linux under a heavy load. Scheduling jitter can be limited to less than two microseconds, the company claims, using its “processor reservation” technology. Additionally, the company's “timer advance” technology can further improve real-time responsiveness, the company claims.

FSMLabs says its flagship product, RTLinuxPro development kit, provides a complete cross- and self-hosted development environment, including:

  • A full set of compilers, libraries, and build tools, plus debugger
  • The RTCore real-time server and a ruggedized embedded Linux (or BSD) kernel
  • A small embedded target file system
  • Carrier Grade Linux meeting Priority 1 requirements of the OSDL specification
  • Full FSMLabs state-of-the-art testing and quality assurance

Additionally, FSMLabs is beta-testing an Eclipse-based IDE that will support development of applications for its RTCore real-time nanokernel, as well as embedded Linux applications. Currently, the company offers a graphical development environment based on SlickEdit.

FSMLabs says it has delivered production-ready hard real-time Linux for nine years, with support for both high-end and low-end embedded processors. CEO Victor Yodaiken said, “FSMLabs customers today build and deploy applications with hard real-time performance on AMD 64 bit dual-core Opterons. They also create products ranging from software radios and automobile diagnostics built on AMD Alchemy CPUs to VoIP gateways running on AMD Geode/Elan processors.”


RTCore, RTLinuxPro, and Carrier Grade RTLinux are shipping today. The Eclipse tools are available in beta form to customers and prospective customers.

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