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RTOS abstraction API adds Linux support

Nov 24, 2003 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

MapuSoft Technologies has added support for embedded Linux to its “OS Changer” line of compatibility wrappers for running legacy RTOS applications on targets other than that for which they were written. The new release also brings the option of purchasing OS Changer with an “abstraction” API that enables programmers to write new code that can be compiled to run on several different RTOSes.

OS Changer's compatibilitiy wrappers enable code written for VxWorks, pSOS, or Nucleus PLUS to run on Linux, according to MapuSoft.

MapuSoft's “Multi-RTOS Abstraction API” is new with the 3.0 release of OS Changer. It enables developers to write new code that, with compile-time translation, can run in an optimized way on Nucleus PLUS, ThreadX, PreciseNQX, iTron, or Linux.

The new release is said to support POSIX 1003.1a, 1003.1b and 1003.1c layers, and provide portability across multiple Linux distributions. Optimizations and tighter integrations are available as an add-on option for selected Linux distributions.

“The OSChanger abstraction solution is not a layer between your software and the RTOS,” points out MapuSoft CEO Raj Johnson. “The RTOS equivalent APIs provided by the OSChanger abstraction solutions are implemented wrapper-less to greatly preserve the performance of the underlying RTOS.”

According to MapuSoft, OS Changer hides the differences between specific RTOSes, thus simplifying porting efforts and providing the capability to change RTOSes. Additionally, OS Changer does not require any modifications to the underlying RTOS, the company claims.

OS Changer 3.0 is available now. A single API component license costs $4995 for the first developer, and $1995 for subsequent developers. API suites for a specific RTOS are licensed at $9995 for the first developer, and $1995 thereafter.

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