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Rumors of the Yopy’s death have been greatly exaggerated!

Jan 10, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

Rumors are flying about that Samsung has discontinued the Yopy Linux PDA, as a result of the unveiling of a new Samsung PDA (the “Nexio”) which runs Windows CE. In a story at CNET, Brian Bennett and Colin Duwe report that “a… Samsung representative . . . confirmed the cancellation of Yopy, the company's planned Linux-based PDA.”

In an effort to get to the facts of the matter, contacted G.Mate, the manufacturer of the Yopy, to see what is going on. G.Mate's Sales and Marketing Manager, Seungchae, assures us that the rumors of the Yopy being discontinued are not correct. Seungchae provided the following message regarding the current status of the G.Mate Yopy . . .

“G.Mate has had a steady relationship with Samsung (Samsung Electro-Mechanics) so far. The Samsung division which has introduced [a PDA based on] Pocket PC is Samsung Electronics. Both of them are Samsung, but different divisions. As you might know, we are selling the commercial version of the Yopy on our website now. There is not any change in our business. There is nothing to be worried about and please tell your readers that the Yopy will be continued without any problem.”

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