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Singing hosannas for Linux

Mar 27, 2001 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive

IBM has made known its intentions to invest $1B in Linux during 2001. To gain further insight into IBM's Linux activities and plans, CNET's Charles Cooper interviews Dan Frye, co-author of IBM's first strategy papers on both Linux and open source. Cooper writes . . .

“At first blush, somebody with a background as a theoretical atomic physicist would not jump to mind as the obvious candidate to take on the task of figuring out what IBM should do about Linux and open source.”

“Dan Frye quickly acknowledges as much, adding that he is not 'an OS guy' by training or temperment. Yet the luck of the draw three years ago elevated Frye into the position of shouldering responsibility for proselytizing on behalf of Linux within the ranks of Big Blue.”

The co-author of IBM's first strategy papers on both Linux and open source made a persuasive case, ultimately convincing CEO Lou Gerstner to put this on the company's strategy agenda. Indeed, Gerstner last November announced IBM's intention to invest $1 billion on Linux in 2001 . . .”

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