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Study finds 300% more developers choose Red Hat

Mar 28, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

Santa Cruz, CA — (press release excerpt) — A new Evans Data Corporation study of Linux Developers shows that a majority of developers selected Red Hat Linux as the most likely distribution for use with a web server or web application server. According to the Linux Developer Survey of over 300 Linux developers interviewed in January of 2001, 77.2% chose Red Hat Linux. This was 3.5 times more than the number two choice of distributions.

Developers' second choices were SuSe Linux OS and Mandrake, each with 21.8%. Following in third was Caldera Open Linux at 21.4%, and FreeBSD was the fourth choice with 20.4%. The survey compared 15 different distributions including Debian GNU Linux which garnered 17.7%, Slackware with 12.5%, TurboLinux with 11.2%, and Corel Linux OS with only 7.8%. Developers were allowed more than one choice for this question, and the average respondent selected approximately 2.3 distributions.

The Linux Developer Survey consists of over 300 in-depth interviews with Linux developers conducted in February 2001. This survey series covers such issues as what languages and Linux distributions they are using, what type of apps they are creating for servers and for clients, how many Linux apps will be released next year, what are the major obstacles to Linux and to OSS, how do they rate different types development tools for Linux and how tied into the OSS movement they are. The survey's complete table of contents can be viewed online.

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