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Tiny Linux camcorder runs ARM-no-MMU Linux

Jan 26, 2005 — by Henry Kingman — from the LinuxDevices Archive

Samsung used uClinux and an ARM9-based SoC to build a tiny, high-quality diskless camcorder that doubles as a digital camera, mp3 player, voice recorder, data storage device, and web cam. The Miniket runs a 2.6-series “ARM-no-MMU” uClinux kernel that can boot to a shell in 80msec.

Learn more about the amazing multifunction Miniket, the first of several Samsung products based on ARM-no-MMU Linux, in our complete Device Profile:

Read device profile of Samsung Miniket

A whitepaper by the Miniket's system architect, Hyok Choi, is also available. The paper describes the rationale for using uClinux rather than Linux on ARM9 processors with MMUs (memory management units):

Read whitepaper comparing Linux and uClinux context switching and IPC speeds

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