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uClinux development kit boasts WiFi, CompactFlash support

Nov 20, 2003 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

Embedded Solutions and FS Forth say they have introduced a developer's kit that supports Wifi wireless networking and data storage using CF cards, running under the LxNETES uCLinux distribution. Drivers for both functions have been integrated with LxNETES, and driver sources are included.

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The UNC20 developer's kit is described as an easy-to-use application development platform that includes all necessary software and hardware, including a Wifi CF card and memory. The kit includes a UNC20 microcontroller module based on a NetSilicon NS7520 processor, and a baseboard with a Type II CompactFlash card socket and an RJ45 interface for 10/100 wired ethernet connectivity. Embedded Solutions says the kit provides a low-cost solution for integrating both wired and wireless networking in any embedded design, and is ideal for rapid prototyping, proof-of-concept development, or demonstrating potential system capabilities to customers. The kit includes reference schematics and PLD equations for the baseboard.

The uClinux kernel is preconfigured for wireless or flash storage, so application development can begin as soon as the kit is received. 802.11b WiFi wireless networking is supported under uClinux by the Orinoco driver for the PRISM 2.5 wireless chipset. Flash storage is provided by implementing the JFFS2 Flash file system, the companies say. The Flash card appears as a hard drive, so files can be easily transferred between the UNC20's memory and Flash cards.

Summary of UNC20 (for CompactFlash) hardware specifications:

  • 16MB SDRAM
  • 8MB Flash memory
  • serial EEPROM
  • I2C interface
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • RS232 interface
  • CPLD for Compact Flash interface
  • Type II Compact Flash card holder
  • JTAG interface for UNC20 module
  • JTAG interface for CPLD (8-pin)
  • Reset Button
  • 2 user-specific push-buttons
  • RJ45 Ethernet connector

The UNC20 Developer's Kit with CompactFlash represents a complete uClinux development environment. Source code is provided in LxNETES, including FS Forth-Systeme's intellectual property which may be used royalty-free in your application. Also included are the sources to the tools including an optimizing C/C++ compiler, assembler, binary code tools, object file translators and a symbolic source level debugger. The debugger provides both command line (gdb) and graphical user interfaces (DDD). The development tools are tailored to the capabilities of the NET+ARM family of microcontrollers and the requirements of uClinux.

Summary of LxNETES uClinux OS specifications:

  • uClinux kernel v2.4.x for ARM7TDMI
  • GNU toolchain
  • Dynamic loading of modules
  • Supported filesystems: CRAMFS, JFFS2, NFS and others
  • Support for on-chip 10/100 Ethernet
  • PPP support
  • Debugging via gdbserver over serial or Ethernet
  • Embedded web server (thttpd)
  • Flash programming utilities
  • EEPROM support

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