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Update on teeny weeny Linux SBCs

Apr 30, 2001 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive

After attending the recent Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco, founder Rick Lehrbaum put together this article (including photos) about some tiny single board computers that you can take advantage of to simplify the task of embedding Linux in your next creation. Lehrbaum writes . . .

“A growing number of extremely small, yet highly integrated, single board computers (SBCs) make it increasingly easy to embed Linux in a wide range of applications, from handheld devices to embedded instruments. Typically, you can get all the functions of a full computer system — including CPU, program memory, 'solid-state disk', serial and parallel ports, display interface, and network interface — in less than a dozen square inches of space . . .”

“The hope, of course, is that using one of these tiny single-module-systems will eliminate the costly, risky, and time-consuming process of developing a custom embedded computer . . .”

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