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X11-based Linux distro available for Zaurus and other ARM PDAs

Jan 27, 2004 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

A new embedded Linux distribution with 2D accelerated graphics based on XFree86 is available now for the Sharp Zaurus SL-C700/750/ href=”/NS3289690252.html” target=”new”>760/860 and is currently being ported to other ARM architectures. The distribution — Cacko Linux — aims to make PDAs into more versatile, sublaptop-like machines by replacing Qtopia with X11.

According to the Cacko Project website, an X11 environment enables myriad normal Linux applications — including development tools, graphics programs, games, and more — to be built and run on PDAs. The Website further claims that Cacko delivers “better performance” than Qtopia-based Linux PDA implementations.

A number of window managers are available as part of Cacko, including afterstep, xfce, and fluxbox, and an xserver with AtiCore 2D acceleration was released January 12, 2004. Available pre-compiled binaries include gcc, openssh, vim, pyqt, xscreensaver, gimp, nedit, usb-storage (emulation), magicpoint, gkrellm, abiword, xmms, nethack, xpdf, lesstif, lanconfig, and others. A cross-compiling development environment for x86 hosts is also available.

Cacko is distributed as a downloadable “X11 ROM” image that can be installed from a CompactFlash or SD memory card. For full details, visit the Cacko project website.

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