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Yodaiken clarifies the Open RTLinux Patent License

Mar 26, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

This guest editorial at by Victor Yodaiken, holder of a key software patent which covers portions of the RTLinux real-time extension to Linux, comments on the article at entitled “RTAI goes (partly) GPL”. Yodaiken writes . . .

“Sometimes legal documents are obscure, but in the case of the Open RTLinux Patent License, I hope it is clear that, use of the Patented Process is permitted, without fee or royalty, when used 'by software licensed under the GPL.' The License does not extend to . . . (1) 'software partially licensed under the GPL', (2) 'software split into components so that some of it is licensed under the GPL and the valuable part is not' . . .”

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