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Yodaiken unveils RTLinux patent license

Jan 30, 2001 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive

Victor Yodaiken has finally published the patent license for RTLinux. The full text of the license is located here. A brief summary of the patent itself can be viewed here. The following excerpt provides a quick summary of the nature of the license . . .


This License governs the royalty-free use of the process defined by U.S. Patent No. 5,995,745. Anyone can license the use of the Patented Process by agreeing to be bound by the terms of this License. Such person is considered to be the Licensee (“Licensee”). The Patented Process may be used, without any payment of a royalty, with two (2) types of software. The first type is software that operates under the terms of a GPL (as defined later in this License). The second type is software operating under Finite State Machine Labs Open RTLinux (as defined below). As long as the Licensee complies with the terms and conditions of this License and, where applicable, with the terms of the GPL, the Licensee may continue to use the Patented Process without paying a royalty for its use. You may use the Patented Process with software other than the two types mentioned above but you must first obtain a separate license for such use. The first step is to contact Finite State Machine Labs (

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