Embedded Linux Weekly Newsletter -- June 30, 2000

Welcome to the Embedded Linux Biweekly Newsletter
June 30, 2000
by Rick Lehrbaum -- Executive Editor, ZDNet's

High-availability Linux cluster technology goes GPL -- Mission Critical Linux has released its Kimberlite cluster technology under GPL. story

BlueCat Linux 2.0 Scoops French Award -- France's Electronique magazine named LynuxWorks' BlueCat Linux the "most significant development in embedded tools and software" for the past year, based on a reader poll. story

ZF unveils Linux-based "crash-immune" network appliances -- ZF Linux Devices announced a family of network appliances that contain the company's "crash-immune" PC-on-a-Chip plus embedded Linux. story

Wireless LAN development system targets embedded Linux -- a new WLAN development system targets Linux-based embedded applications. story

New CompactPCI and PCI DS3 and E3 WAN cards for Linux -- new cards for PCI and CompactPCI based applications support Linux. story

Metro Link contributes dozens of fixes to Open Motif -- Metro Link's latest version of Open Motif, now available for download, includes many bug fixes and enhancements to the Motif libraries and window manager. story

Embedded Debian cross development environments available -- the Embedded Debian Project, announced availability of its first "test" release. story

Reuters: Intel unveils its first Web appliance -- Intel has announced a Linux-based device that offers a built-in phone, Internet access, and email. story

Trolltech announces beta of QT/Embedded embedded GUI -- the new GUI application framework for embedded systems is derived from Trolltech's popular desktop Qt/Windows and Qt/X11 technology. story


One-chip Linux systems hasten arrival of Post-PC Era -- this article, by founder Rick Lehrbaum, examines a new breed of system-on-chip ICs that are teaming up with embedded Linux to usher in the post-PC era. story

Informix releases embeddable database support for Linux -- the latest Linux versions of two products help developers create next generation Web-based applications hosted on embedded Linux. story

Making a Business of Open Source -- a whitepaper by MontaVista's Kevin Morgan examines the Linux open-source license and how it impacts traditional vendor/customer business relationships. story

First PowerPC Linux SMP on VME and CompactPCI -- Synergy Microsystems claims to offer the first Linux SMP support on the VME and CompactPCI buses. story

HP and Intel offering free IA-64 Linux developer's kit -- free support for the upcoming Intel Itanium processor will be available online. story

Free Embedded Java class library released under GPL -- an open-source Java programming language for embedded networked systems, that can be used along with embedded Linux, is available for free download. story

M-Systems goes DIMM? -- M-Systems announced a new form-factor version of the highly popular DiskOnChip -- a 144-pin DIMM sized device called the "DiskOnChip DIMM2000". story

2nd Embedded Linux Expo & Conference moves to Boston -- the second Embedded Linux Expo & Conference (ELEC) will be held in Boston, instead of Toronto. The date is also changed, to October 27. story

Lucent spinoff Vita Nuova releases Inferno OS source -- Vita Nuova is making the Inferno source code available to subscribers under inexpensive, semi-open license terms. Inferno can be used in conjunction with embedded Linux. story

LynuxWorks' $35M funding spotlights embedded Linux momentum -- LynuxWorks announced completion of a round of private financing. story

Compaq launches Linux-based Open Handheld Program -- the Open Handheld Program, derived from Itsy, is intended to stimulate innovation and research by making Compaq's iPAQ Linux port available as free open source software. story

Real-time JVM being added to Linux/RT -- TimeSys plans to add its real-time JVM to its Linux/RT real-time Linux distribution. story

LynuxWorks releases BlueCat Linux 2.0 -- version 2.0 of BlueCat Linux provides enhancements to functionality and features. story

RTLinux V3.0 beta available for download -- the latest version of the popular real-time Linux version has a long list of enhancements. story

Final notice: comp.os.linux.embedded call for votes -- An official "Call for Votes" (CFV) is currently in progress for the creation of the USENET group: comp.os.linux.embedded story

Indrema announces collaboration on open source Linux video -- OpenStream is expected to offer professional video on Linux. story

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