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Wind River touts Linux on PowerQUICC

Sep 28, 2004 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

Wind River is touting its close relationship with Freescale Semiconductor (formerly a division of Motorola), and claiming that its development tools and debugger for Linux and other embedded operating systems offer comprehensive support for the PowerQUICC II Pro and PowerQUICC III chip lines, from board bring-up to application development.

Freescale's PowerQUICC chips are popular in telecommunications equipment, where Wind River and its VxWorks real-time operating system have been strong, historically. In recent years, Wind River has broadened its telecom-related products and services, launching embedded Linux development services in December of 2003, and the Eclipse-based Workbench (formerly “Wind Power 2.0”) IDE, which supports embedded OS and application development on embedded Linux and homegrown RTOSes, as well as VxWorks. The company also added Linux support to VisionClick, it's PowerQUICC debugger, in April of this year.

According to Wind River, the Workbench IDE now supports the Linux 2.4 kernel on all PowerQUICC II and III chips. Additionally, it says the VisionClick debugger supports the following Freescale chips:

  • MPC8540/41/55/60 PowerQUICC III processors
  • MPC82XX PowerQUICC II processors
  • MPC8xx PowerQUICC I Processors
  • MPC74xx
  • MPC6xx/7xx
  • Linux debug support for MPC85xx and MPC82xx
  • Linux BSPs for SBC8540/60, SBC74x7, and SBCPowerQUICC II development boards


Additionally, Wind River says it is working closely with Freescale in order to deliver support for the PowerQUICC II Pro processors concurrent with their release. The PowerQUICC II Pro line, announced by Freescale in April, will be based on an e300 PowerPC core. The e300 core was developed specifically for use in SoCs, but also maintains backward compatibility with the PowerPC 603e core used in the PowerQUICC II line.

In addition to supporting the e300-based Freescale SoCs with its development tools, Wind River plans to produce a development board for MPC83xx PowerQUICC II Pro chips, it says.

Finally, Wind river says its IPSec software now supports hardware cryptographic accelerators in Freescale processors, including the MPC8272, MPC190, MPC184, MPC185, and MPC180.

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