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Archive for July, 1999

World’s smallest embedded PC SBC?

July 22, 1999

HAIFA, ISRAEL — (company press release) — CompuLab introduced today the 486CORE — a tiny single-board computer (SBC) module which implements a complete Embedded PC of size 75 x 54 mm., smaller than a credit card! The company supports the tiny 486CORE SBC with a Linux distribution. (more…)

Ziatech Announces Open Source Linux Multiprocessing for CompactPCI

July 16, 1999

San Luis Obispo, Ca. — In keeping with the success of Linux open source code, Ziatech Corporation, a leading innovator of applied computing solutions, today announced the release of its multiprocessing source code drivers for the Linux operating system. The CompactNET source code will be free of charge and available for download from the Internet. (more…)

Zentropix Releases Real-Time Linux Installation CD

July 1, 1999

Zentropic Computing, LLC (Zentropix) has released its new Real-Time Linux installation and development tools CD for Intel® microprocessor architectures. This is the first comprehensive version of RTLinux software, tools and documentation from a single source, as the CD also includes the first tool of Zentropix' RTLinux Developer's Toolbox: the R2D2 in-the-kernel debugger. (more…)