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Archive for November, 1999

New Tools/Services Convert Windows Apps to Linux

November 30, 1999

DANBURY, Conn. — Bristol Technology Inc. today released its award-winning Wind/U cross-platform development tools on Linux. Also launched today is the first porting center for moving Microsoft Windows applications to Linux. Bristol offers cross-platform expertise and tools for quickly assessing the best way to get an application running on Linux. (more…)

IEEE Picks Linux and DiskOnChip for Student Design Competition

November 30, 1999

FREMONT, Calif.– M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. today announced that their DiskOnChip flash disk device was selected as the local storage device for the IEEE Computer Society's first annual Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC). The new competition challenges college students around the world to design and implement computer-based solutions to real-world problems. (more…)

Cygnus Announces New Version of Source-Navigator

November 30, 1999

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Cygnus Solutions, a leader in open source software, today announced the release of Source-Navigator version 4.5, an advanced source code
comprehension tool for software developers to understand, re-engineer, and migrate complex code faster. Cygnus, which recently announced a merger agreement with Red Hat, Inc., offers Source-Navigator 4.5 in two versions. (more…)

Linux File, Print and CD Thin Server in Flash-ROM

November 30, 1999

KYZO has today released the commercial version of its popular PizzaBox Linux distribution, so called because a prototype server was built in a Pizza Hut Takeout box. (more…)

DDJ: Linux, Real-Time Linux, and IPC

November 29, 1999

“When dealing with real-time systems, the overhead of interprocess communications (IPC) becomes important. The formalized structures that are used in Linux for IPC can carry with them a significant amount of overhead. This can create timing problems for your applications. In this article, Frederick examines two of the best IPC mechanisms available under Linux — FIFOs and shared memory.”

The… (more…)

Linux Speech Support Announced

November 29, 1999

COMDEX — Belgium-based Lernout & Hauspie announced that it will support the widely popular Linux operating system through software development kits, enabling Linux developers to incorporate L&H speech and language offerings in applications for handheld and embedded devices. (more…)

Lynx Launches Embedded Linux Support, Training, Consulting

November 29, 1999

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of technical support, consulting, and training services for developers working on embedded applications using Linux. The expansion of Linux services from Lynx is an integral part of the Lynx Linux Initiative (L2I). (more…)

Intel Invests Again in Linux

November 29, 1999

The E-Commerce Times reports that Intel has joined venture capital group Apax Partners in funding Linux vendor SuSE Linux AG. According to Matthew W. Beale of E-Commerce Times, “The equity funding, which is subject to shareholder agreement, will pump 12 million Euro (roughly $12M US) into SuSE's growth strategy, and add to the momentum that the Linux community has gained following the landmark… (more…)

Hunting Hurricanes with Linux

November 28, 1999

In March 1998, C. Wayne Wright Wright and Edward J. Walsh of NASA began development of a new Linux-based data system for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center scanning radar altimeter (SRA). The goal was to significantly reduce system weight and volume and thereby to enable its installation on one of the NOAA hurricane hunter WP3D aircraft (see… (more…)

FSMLabs Releases RTLinux V2.0 Hard Realtime Linux 2.2

November 24, 1999

Socorro, New Mexico — FSMLabs today released version V2.0 of RealTime Linux (RTLinux). This new version of RTLinux supports a POSIX pthread style API, SMP processors, POSIX style device drivers, and highly optimized timing code. RTLinux is a modified version of the Linux kernel that provides the “hard real time” functionality needed to control machinery while making the full power of the Linux kernel… (more…)

RTLinux — an interview with Victor Yodaiken

November 22, 1999

In this article, which appears in the “Crossroads” publication of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Kevin Fu presents a fascinating interview with Victor Yodaiken. Yodaiken is the principal architect of RTLinux, a popular real-time version of Linux. In the interview, Yodaiken defines and discusses the requirements of real-time performance, and describes the methods and mechanisms that were… (more…)

Lynx+Linux — a Dual OS Strategy

November 22, 1999

San Jose, CA — Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc., has announced an open-source product and support services initiative that is intended to extend the Lynx real-time operating system (RTOS) – and Lynx as a company — into the emerging embedded Linux market space. According to the company, the aggressive strategy, dubbed the “Lynx Linux Initiative” (L2I), has five key elements:

Torvalds’ Tantalizing Transmeta Tidbits

November 22, 1999

According to an article by John Spooner of ZDNet UK, “Linus Torvalds has dropped a few more tantalizing clues about where his super-secretive startup is heading. During comments he made to ZD Radio, the founder of Linux hinted that a forthcoming chip being developed by his Transmeta Corporation will be aimed at mobile devices, such as intelligent cellular phones.”

“'We aren't really ready to… (more…)

Integrating LonWorks Into an Open Systems Control Environment

November 20, 1999

This white paper, by Richard Greenane and Simon Dobson (Department of Computer Science, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland), discusses the development of a LonWorks based control system that integrates LonWorks protocols along with standard PCs interconnected via Ethernet. This has the advantage of reducing the number of required LonWorks interface cards and connections, since they are not normally present… (more…)

A NETtel/Router MP3 Player

November 20, 1999

This article shows how Moreton Bay turned a Linux router into an MP3 player! (See photo.) The Moreton Bay NETtel is a low cost Linux based embedded network appliance that was designed to provide a flexible embedded engine for creating dedicated networked devices. (more…)