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Archive for December, 1999

Linux PR: muLinux V7r6 — a 1-floppy Linux

December 30, 1999

Dwight Johnson of Linux Today reports . . .

muLinux V7r6 is a fully configured, minimalistic but mostly complete, application-centric Linux distribution, that fits on a single floppy diskette, with add-ons. Its main goals: proselitism, rescue. (more…)

Amino Launches “Worlds Smallest Linux System”

December 30, 1999

Amino Communications, designer of low-cost network appliances that deliver online services, has announced the world's smallest Linux systems. Designed for applications where compactness (the PCB measures a mere 2 x 4 in., 49 x 98 mm) and low power consumption are vital, the Amino's systems are aimed at developers of embedded systems such as seat-back entertainment systems, as well as kiosks, web phones,… (more…)

White Paper on Server Clustering

December 29, 1999

PolyServe Corporation announces the availability of a comprehensive White Paper on “Server Clustering for High-Availability, Low-Cost Web Server Appliances” via its web site. The paper is located at (more…)

Version 0.1 of TINY Linux Announced

December 29, 1999

Odile Benassy has announced the “first stable release” of TINY Linux — version 0.1. TINY is a small Linux distribution designed especially for reusing old computers. It has very low demands in terms of hardware capacity, and even a Linux beginner can install it easily. No CD drive is required for installation, even for standalone machines. (more…)

3iLinux develops a Universal Internet Appliance

December 29, 1999

3iLinux announced a release of a Universal Internet Box (UIB), which allows companies to bring to market their Internet Devices by just adding standard Linux software. The company provides a complete ready-to-market, FCC approved device, as well as a powerful software toolkit for developers. (more…)

Wanted! Embedded Linux Developers

December 27, 1999

Linux Today reports…

GoAhead Software is offering an opportunity for developers of embedded Linux applications to beta test their capability for remote upgrading of a networked appliance or device. If you are developing a device that runs Linux or Embedded Linux, you may qualify for participation in the GoAhead beta test program, which runs through February 2000. (more…)

Motorola’s Embedded Linux commitment: Emerging trend?

December 27, 1999

News analysis . . .

Motorola Computer Group and Linuxcare have recently announced a strategic deal whereby Linuxcare will provide embedded Linux technical support and engineering services to Motorola Computer Group's support and development organization. (more…)

Linux World: Spotlight on Zentropix Real Time Linux

December 26, 1999

Rob Kay of Linux World recently interviewed Zentropix CEO Jim Norton. In the interview, Jim provides valuable insight into:

  • The differences between “embedded” and “real time” Linux
  • The strengths of Linux vs. the proprietary RTOSes
  • The successes and advances of Linux in the embedded realm
  • The goals and strengths of Zentropix as a company

What sort of potential does Zentropix… (more…)

New Open-Source “x86” OS Goes for Speed

December 26, 1999

Rotterdam, The Netherlands — V2_Lab has released the source code of their V2_OS kernel to the public. According to the group's announcement “From now on everybody is invited to use and develop V2_OS according to the conditions of the GPL licence. Thanks to the overwhelming reactions to the first announcement of V2_OS, V2_Lab has decided to join the open source movement, in order to encourage developers… (more…)

Why Intel Used Linux for Itanium Qual

December 26, 1999

Intel reports, in the 4th quarter '99 edition of Intel Technology Journal, that they employed the Linux 2.2.0 kernel as one of two vehicles for pre-silicon validation and post-silicon debug of the Intel Itanium processor. (more…)

Linux Journal: Linuxcare Expands into Embedded

December 26, 1999

David Penn of Linux Journal writes . . .

Linuxcare, Inc., the premier provider of Linux technical support and services, just announced an agreement with Motorola to provide back-line engineering support to Motorola Computer Group's support and development organization. Linuxcare's Technical Support and Strategic Business Unit (SBU) will work with Motorola's product engineering and customer support… (more…)

New Internet Browser for Embedded Linux Market

December 24, 1999

Access Co. Ltd. today announced that it has placed a free
demonstration version of its NetFront Internet browser on its web site for evaluation by developers of Linux-based embedded applications. The browser can be downloaded from the company's website. (more…)

Zentropix takes on the challenges of Vienna

December 22, 1999

The Real Time Linux Workshop organized by the thinkingnerds was held in Vienna last week. This workshop was the first such workshop to bring together all the different Real Time projects that have appeared from Linux. Notable projects such as RTAI (Paolo Mantegazza), Kurt (Douglas Niehaus), and Linux/RK (Raj Rajumar) were presented to the 90 strong audience from industry and academia. (more…)

EE Times: Real-time Linux developers unite on API

December 22, 1999

Craig Matsumoto, editor of EE Times, writes . . .

“Developers of embedded-Linux systems established some common ground at a gathering last week, as they laid the foundation to build common threads among their various efforts and also decided to back Cygnus Solutions' EL/IX as a common applications programming interface (API) for embedded Linux.” (more…)

Motorola Taps Linuxcare for Embedded Linux Support

December 22, 1999

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Linuxcare, Inc., a premier vendor of Linux technical services to the Global 1000, today announced it has become Motorola Computer Group's (MCG) resource for Linux support and services. (more…)