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Archive for August, 2008

Linux radio keeps it simple

August 26, 2008

Pure has announced an Internet radio that runs embedded Linux and provides FM and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) playback. The Evoke Flow radio offers WiFi connectivity and media streaming from a connected PC, and is paired with a Internet search portal called the Pure Lounge. (more…)

Motorola U9 takes fashion “beyond thin”

August 25, 2008

In this hands-on review, LinuxDevices Executive Editor Henry Kingman deems the U9 to be a nice little Linux phone with high function and fashion. Its “mesmerizing” external OLED display, strong radio, and small, finger-friendly form factor could make the U9 a top-seller, Kingman reckons. (more…)

Location-aware social net app targets MIDs

August 25, 2008

GeoSentric announced a version of its geo-location social networking application optimized for mobile Internet devices (MIDs) incorporating the Linux-based Moblin stack. The Gypsii application is “the first application of its kind that enables people to record their life based on their location,” says the… (more…)

Linux MIDs gain “fancy” GUI

August 25, 2008

FST announced a software development kit (SDK) for its lightweight graphics stack optimized for mobile Internet devices (MIDs). The FancyPants SDK for MIDs combines an API for the lightweight GUI with an embedded runtime, and is designed to work with the Linux-based Moblin stack. (more…)

Internet TV broadcaster targets MIDs

August 25, 2008

Internet TV (ITV) service provider Move Networks announced an ITV media player optimized for mobile Internet devices (MIDs) based on the Intel Atom and the Linux-based Moblin stack. The Move Media Player for MIDs will deliver video from partners like ABC, Fox, and ESPN. (more…)

“IDTV” chipset runs Linux

August 25, 2008

Swiss semiconductor vendor Micronas has announced a Linux-based reference platform for flat-panel, H.264 compatible HDTVs. The Pegasus IDTV (Integrated Digital Television) platform combines two new Micronas chips: the VCT-PlatinumD system processor and an MDX-H multimedia accelerator IC, along with support ICs, says the company. (more…)

AMD preps low-powered Atom killer?

August 22, 2008

[Revised, Aug. 25] — While Intel's Developer Forum hogged the limelight last week, AMD was shyly preparing to ship its own competitor to Intel's Atom. The AMD Sempron 200U and 210U will sample next month on a 3.5-inch SBC (single board computer), says Taiwanese manufacturer Ibase. (more…)

XiP filesystem primps for Linux 2.6.28

August 22, 2008

The Linux-Embedded discussion list has been abuzz the last two days over a flash filesystem designed to support binary code execution (sometimes called XIP, or “execute-in-place”). When combined with forthcoming “Phase Change Memory” products, the “Advanced XiP Filesystem” (AXFS) could radically change the way Linux is embedded on consumer devices. (more…)

Review: Motorola U9

August 22, 2008

Motorola's U9 approaches what the Rokr2 should have been all along — a sequel both familiar AND refreshing. Better late than never, the low-cost phone is good enough despite glitches to show that the largest U.S. (more…)

FPGAs shrink for mobile devices

August 21, 2008

[Updated: Aug. 25, 2008] — Xilinx has added to its line of Linux-friendly Spartan-3A FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays). The company has added models with non-volatile DSPs (digital signal processors), as well as lower-power models in smaller packaging aimed at “cost-sensitive” consumer electronics, communications, and networking designs. (more…)

Tiny Bluetooth access point runs Linux

August 21, 2008

Finland-based Bluegiga is shipping what it claims to be the smallest Bluetooth access point in the industry. Shipping with Linux development tools, the 3.5 x 2.3 x 1.2-inch Access Point 3201 (AP3201) connects Bluetooth devices with 3GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, WiFi, or a second Bluetooth network. (more…)

Appliances use Pentium M SoC

August 21, 2008

Lanner Electronics announced two devices using Intel's EP80579 SoC (system on chip) that run Linux. The FW-7570 is a 1U security appliance with encryption capabilities and up to 10 gigabit Ethernet ports, while the NS04-5130 is a four-bay storage platform with 4TB capacity, says the company. (more…)

Laser-guided French robots run Linux

August 21, 2008

A French robotics start-up called Wany Robotics has announced two mobile, mini-ITX-based sensor robots that run Linux. Aimed at educational and R&D applications, the PeKeeII robots are based on Via C3 or Intel Core 2 Duo processors, and offer sensor telemetry, ultrasound, and laser detection. (more…)

GPL compliance guide published

August 21, 2008

The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) has published an 8,000-word guide to effective compliance with the GNU General Public License (GPL), the most popular open source software license in the world. The guide overviews the legal obligations of GPL users, and recommends best practices for avoiding violations. (more…)

PMPs run Linux on ARM Cortex

August 21, 2008

[Updated: Aug. 28] — Archos announced new portable media players (PMPs) that run Linux on ARM Cortex processors. The Archos 5 and Archos 7 (pictured) offer 4.8- and 7-inch touchscreens, respectively, and include WiFi, hard drives, and an optional 3.5G cellular connection. (more…)