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9th RTL Workshop: PaRTiKle OS, a replacement for the core of RTLinux-GPL

Nov 20, 2000 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

RTLinux-GPL1 is an RTOS which uses a dual-kernel approach, that is, executing a real-time kernel (RTLinux-GPL itself) jointly with a general purpose OS (Linux). By using this approach, complex real-time application with both, hard and soft real-time requirements can be implemented easier.

However, the core of RTLinux-GPL is getting bloated and hard to maintain, with several out-of-date and not-working features. Moreover it's future is unclear regarding the acquisition of the RTLinux-GPL patent by Wind River. This facts forced us to consider either to reengage its code or to start a new kernel from scratch to replace it. Although the first option seems to be more suitable, since RTLinux-GPL is a mature and stable code, important design flaws (specifically, problems when a RTLinux-GPL application deals with signals and system calls) has headed us towards the second one.

In this paper we present this new core, called PaRTiKle, which is intended to be downward compatible with existing RTLinux-GPL applications.

Read Full Paper (PDF Download)

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