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Device Profile: Trintech PayWare Smart 5000 PIN entry device (PED)

Nov 11, 2004 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 35 views

The world's tenth-largest company, and second-largest oil company, chose a Linux-based PIN-pad entry device (PED) for its UK and Ireland gas stations. Shell selected Trintech's Smart 5000 PED because the hybrid card reader supports both magnetic swipe/signature authentication and the new generation of chip-and-PIN smart cards.

Chip-and-PIN is in

According to Trintech, Shell was the first major UK oil company to achieve bank certification for its EMV system. EMV is a chip-and-PIN (personal identification number) payment authorization standard agreed to by Mastercard and Visa.

Shell also expects to become the UK's first oil company to complete an EMV system rollout. Following a successful pilot program at high traffic sites in Northampton, Shell expects to have installed the Trintech PEDs at all company-owned stations throughout the UK and Ireland by December, 2004.

The Smart 5000 PED

The Smart 5000 is based on an ARM7 processor, with MMU (memory management unit). It boots a 2.4 series embedded Linux kernel from 4MB of Flash (8MB optionally available). The device includes 16MB of SDRAM, and 512K of SRAM.

Trintech's Smart 5000 PIN entry device
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Standard I/O ports include an RS-232 serial port, and USB. Optional ports include PSTN (public switched telephone network), ISDN (integrated service digital network), and IP/LAN (Ethernet).

The Smart 5000 includes an 8-line, 132 x 64 pixel backlit graphics display, along with 15 keys and 6 programmable keys. It also contains an EMV L1 certified chip card reader; a Track 1, 2, & 3 magswipe reader; and 3 additional SIM/SAM readers.

The Smart 500 measure 8 x 4.3 x 4.7 inches (205 x 110 x 120 mm).

Trintech's Linux-based Smart 5000 PED received certification by Visa as a secure PED in October, 2003. The device also sports certified encryption capabilities for DES, 3DES, RSA (2048-bit key length), with countermeasures agains DPA, DFA, an DTA. It also supports SHA1 and KUKPT.

The Linux-based Smart 5000 won a speed contest among PIN entry devices for chip-and-pin POS devices sponsored by a German bank, according to Trintech.

More details about Trintech's Smart 5000 PIN entry devices are available here. Trintech first launched its PayWare architecture for POS (point of sales/service) products in March of 2002.

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