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Eight from IBM: OpenSSL, WxWidgets, MediaMVP, 64-bit Power5…

Sep 29, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 4 views

IBM has published the following new technical articles, tutorials, and downloads on its DeveloperWorks and AlphaWorks websites. They cover a range of interesting (though not necessarily embedded) technical topics, primarily related to Linux and open source system development. Some require free registration. Enjoy . . . !

  • Secure Programming with the OpenSSL — Create secure server applications with OpenSSL; its documentation makes it look intimidating, but it's actually rather simple. In Part 3 of this three-part series learn how to build a secure server app by building on the concepts from Part 1 for creating a basic secure client, and by going in depth in Part 2 about digital certificates.
  • Build Cross-Platform GUIs Using wxWidgets — The wxWidgets toolkit contains powerful, cross-platform tools for graphical user interface (GUI) development. In addition to its native C++, several languages offer wrappers for use with the toolkit. Learn how to use the wxWidgets toolkit to create elegant and highly useful GUIs in your programming language of choice.
  • Inside the Linux MediaMVP — As an MP3 and MPEG player, the Hauppauge MediaMVP lets you play digital media through your television set. It is the smallest, and on of the least expensive, non-handheld Linux systems out there. Go inside this tightly purposed embedded device, exemplifying compact Linux implementation on minimal hardware.
  • Taking OpenPower for a Spin: Exploring 64-bit Linux on POWER5 — The OpenPower program offers free remote access to servers running 64-bit Linux on POWER5 processors. In Part 1 of the series, learn the process of getting access to a system and compiling applications for it, focusing on issues unique to “guest” software development without root privileges. In Part 2, he reviews code and data portability issues providing concrete examples to answer why porting is even hard. In Part 3 look at types of issues involved with portability from one architecture to another and contrast APIs with hardware interfaces.
  • You wont be new to XML after this — XML provides you with a great deal of functionality and power, but fortunately it is itself a fairly simple and straightforward technology. This excellent XML resource page puts all the good XML article links together to get you going. It covers XML for programmers such as XML and Javascript, Ajax, mashups, Ruby, Java, PHP, Perl, or Python, as well various uses that do not involve programming, such as RSS, XForms, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and wireless XHTML technologies.
  • Get started with GAWK: AWK language fundamentals — Discover the basic concepts of the AWK text-processing and pattern-scanning language. This tutorial gets you started programming in AWK: You'll learn how AWK reads and sorts its input data, run AWK programs, manipulate data and perform complex pattern matching. When you're finished, you'll also understand GNU AWK (GAWK).
  • A step-by-step demonstration of using RSS and Atom — The oldschool way of manually managing e-mail subscribers, and publishing the news on your website doesn't cut it anymore. This article shows you the modern way with a step-by-step demonstration of implementing a general news publication architecture using RSS and Atom syndication formats. This will diffinetly ease the process and minimize human error and streamline the approach to news feeds.
  • Interactive and completely browser-based services from IBM R&D — The IBM alphaWorks services are on-demand applications developed by various teams throughout IBM Research. The services are prototypes of emerging technologies and concepts available as online applications through any Web browser. Services are provided at no charge.

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