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Embedded Linux Distributions Quick Reference Guide (Part 3)

Aug 3, 1997 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 34 views

Part 3: Open Source Embedded Linux Implementations

The Embedded Linux implementations in this category are available as downloadable object and source code, and are covered by open source licenses. They target a range of needs and can be modified to fit the requirements of specific applications . . .

  • Embedded Debian Project — this project aims to make Debian GNU/Linux a mainstream choice for embedded projects.

  • AMSEL — Advanced Modular Secure Embedded Linux is an operating system, based on the Linux kernel, which was developed and optimized especially for the deployment in security critical embedded environments. The typical functions for an AMSEL installation are for example the deployment as packet filtering device or as a crypto gateway (VPN, SSH-to-Telnet).

  • Embedded Gentoo — A project to create embedded versions of Gentoo Linux has achieved preliminary releases on x86, MIPS, PPC, and ARM. The releases include native core system binaries, cross-platform toolchains, and, for x86, an optional hardened toolchain. The year-old project needs developers to help add cross-compile awareness to source packages.

  • ETLinux — a complete Linux distribution designed to run on small industrial computers, especially PC/104 modules. A whitepaper about ETLinux is available here.

  • FREESCO — an easy-to-use, open source alternative to commercial routing products that incorporates many of the features of the full Linux operating system into software that fits on a single floppy. Useful for creating reliable routers, bridges, and servers.

  • Linux Router Project — a “networking-centric micro-distribution” of Linux that makes it easy to build/maintain routers, access servers, thin servers, thin clients, network appliances, and embedded systems. LRP can fit on a single floppy.

  • Linux-VR Project — this project provides a Linux implementation for NEC VR Series system-on-chip processors, most of which were originally designed to run Windows CE based handheld computers.

  • Linux On A Floppy (LOAF) — a single-floppy Linux distribution that runs on 386's, and which consists of the kernel and an assortment of free utilities. LOAF supports various network protocols including the lynx browser, ftp, telnet, and ssh.

  • Qplus — Qplus consists of a reconfigurable embedded Linux kernel, system libraries, a graphic window system, a target builder, a library optimization tool, and BSPs for x86 and ARM targets.

  • Midori Linux — an open source project for delivering system software on small devices. It includes a build system, a Linux kernel with memory- and storage- and power-conserving features, and system-level support for running normal Linux software on platforms which might otherwise require custom “embedded” applications.

  • uClinux — a derivative of Linux specifically for microprocessors which do not provide Memory Management Units (MMUs). Supports a growing list of processors including: Motorola DragonBall (M68EZ328), M68328, M68EN322, ColdFire, QUICC; ARM7TDMI; MC68EN302; Axis ETRAX; Intel i960; PRISMA; Atari 68k; and more all the time! This open source project is maintained by SnapGear and Arcturus. Some additional references on uClinux . . .

  • µLinux (a.k.a. muLinux) — a “full-configured, minimalistic, almost complete, application-centric tiny distribution” of Linux, made in Italy. µLinux fits on a single floppy.

  • PeeWeeLinux — a small Linux distribution aimed at embedded devices. One of the goals of PeeWeeLinux is to make the configuration and installation of the Linux OS on an embedded platform “as painless as possible”.

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Additional packages that target real-time applications are included in The Real-time Linux Quick Reference Guide.


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