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Embedded Linux SQL database adds Java, C# bindings

May 7, 2008 — by Eric Brown — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

ITTIA has released a new version of its lightweight SQL R-DBMS (relational database management system) for embedded systems and mobile devices. Version 2.5 of the Linux-compatible DB-SQL R-DBMS adds language bindings for Java and C#, as well as VxWorks support, says ITTIA.

In December, ITTIA announced the first SQL version of its low-footprint DB database. Like DB, which was called “Fuel” when first launched, DB-SQL boasts a runtime footprint measurable in kilobytes. In addition to matching DB's support for C/C++, it supports ANSI SQL-89 and “much of SQL 99 and SQL 2003,” ITTIA says.

Version 2.5 extends the embedded database to support Java programmers and developers who work with the similar C# (“C Sharp”), which is used in Microsoft's .Net environment. Java applications can now execute SQL queries, or access tables directly with indexed search, via a JNI (Java native interface).

The Java API is fully integrated with the Java type system, says ITTIA, easing file-sharing between Java applications and C/C++ software. Unicode strings are converted automatically, says the company, and binary large object (BLOB) fields are available to store arbitrarily-large byte arrays. The same API (slightly modified) supports C# and other .Net languages via the P/Invoke interface.

DB-SQL in standalone (left) and client-server (right) modes

As with DB, the SQL version is available as a set of library files that can be embedded within applications so no external server is required. Alternatively, DB-SQL can be built up into separate client and server components that run as separate processes (see diagram above). DB-SQL can be configured to use its own platform-independent file format for database files, enabling users to transfer their DB-SQL applications between different systems as a simple file-copy, says ITTIA.

The database provides transaction completion modes, such as group commit, to minimize I/O, says the company, and it provides dynamic schema alteration for streamlining software upgrades. In addition, applications can be upgraded to support shared access over a network, with row-level locking based on isolation levels. DB-SQL supports SQL features including alter table statements, conditional expressions, sequence generators, table set operations (union, except, and intersect), and complex table joins, says the company. It is also said to support any combination of inner, outer, and full outer joins, as well as multiple syntaxes, including the “USING” keyword.


DB-SQL 2.5 is available now, at an undisclosed price. ITTIA, a database consulting, products, and services company based in the Pacific Northwest, also maintains the classic, open-source db.* database.

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