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Embedded startup offers Linux SDIO, Zeroconf stacks

Mar 31, 2005 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

An embedded software startup in Chennai, India, has launched two products targeting Linux-based devices. EmbWise's SDIOWorx is a framework for SD/MMC memory cards and SDIO peripherals, while WiSe-Zeroconf implements the IETF's draft Zeroconf standard — branded “Rendezvous” by Apple — for self-configuring printers, wireless access devices, and other peripherals.

EmbWise says its products are OS-independent, and that support for other embedded OSes is “on the anvil.” However, the products are currently available only for Linux.


EmbWise calls SDIOWorx an “embedded SD/SDIO stack/bus driver architecture framework,” and says the product gives card and device designers a head start implementing SD/SDIO support under Linux 2.4 or 2.6. The product comes with a development kit, and supports host controllers and client cards that conform to SD specification 1.10, the company says. EmbWise belongs to the SDCard Association.

SDIO extends the SD/MMC memory card interface with I/O capabilities, similar to the way CompactFlash I/O incorporated PCMCIA I/O functions into the CompactFlash interface.


Wise-Zeroconf is an implementation of Zeroconf, an IETF standard for automated configuration of computer networks and networked peripherals. The draft standard underpins Apple's Rendezvous technology, according to EmbWise. Apple released Rendezvous under an open source license in September of 2002.

EmbWise says its WiSe-Zeroconf implementation complies with the draft standard, is easy for embedded device developers to integrate, and requires minimal memory and CPU resources. Once integrated, it offers hassle-free ad-hoc networking, device and service discovery, and IP configuration, the company says, particularly for Mac OS X desktop users.

Wise-Zeroconf comprises:

  • Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 link-local addresses
  • Multicast DNS
  • DNS-based Service Discovery


Both EmbWise products are available now for embedded Linux, with other embedded OS planned. EmbWise also offers value-added services, such as OS ports, firmware integration, and customization.

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