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Free real-time Linux distro gains cross-platform GUI framework

Jul 23, 2004 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 1 views

Koan Software has enhanced its real-time Linux distribution for industrial applications with support for wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows), a mature C++ GUI framework for cross-platform development. wxWidgets provides an API that enables console and graphical applications to be compiled on various target platforms with a native look and feel on each.

K-Linux is based on RTAI (real-time application interface), a free real-time Linux operating system. K-Linux uses a Linux 2.4.26 kernel, and runs on x86 and ARM (including XScale), with other architectures available on request, according to Koan. In addition to wxWidgets, K-Linux supports graphics frameworks include Qt, wxWindows GTK, and X11 FLTK.

Koan says it has used K-Linux in hard real-time applications such as industrial automation, vision systems, and automotive engine diagnosis systems, and for remote connectivity. It distributes the operating system with a cross-compiling SDK (software development kit) based on GNU tools, and with extensive documentation developed in-house, it says.

wxWidgets is a mature, 11-year old project that provides an API for writing console and GUI applications that can then be compiled for Linux, Windows, or Mac OS, providing a native look and feel on each. An embedded version of wxWidgets, wxEmbedded, aims to support platforms including X11, GTK+, Microwindows/Nano-X, SciTech MGL, Windows CE, and host tools such as wxEmulator.

Koan says that K-Linux is GPL and royalty-free. The company sells documentation and support services centered around the real-time Linux OS, including custom board porting, training, and technical support.

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