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Free Standards Group releases two key Linux standards: LSB and Li18nux

Jan 31, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

New York; LinuxWorld — (press release excerpt) — In a move that will allow true interoperability between Linux distributions and better internationalization capabilities, the Free Standards Group has released Linux Standard Base (LSB) 1.1 and Li18nux 1.0. LSB enhances existing compatibility among Linux distributions and will enable software applications to run on any compliant Linux-based operating… system. The Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux) creates a foundation for language globalization of compliant distributions and applications.

LSB 1.1 provides a full set of agreed-upon standards that will allow Linux distributions and developers of Linux-based applications to work together seamlessly, decreasing development costs while allowing them to concentrate on adding capabilities to Linux. LSB 1.1 boasts a full complement set of common APIs, a development package plus full testing capabilities, ensuring true compatibility and interoperability.

Li18nux is an internationalization guide for platform and applications developers, allowing Linux and Linux-based programs to reach greater localization capabilities and obtain global reach. Linux is already the fastest-growing operating system in the world. Li18nux 1.0 and LSB 1.1 will accelerate its growth and reach. Access to both LSB 1.1 and Li18nux 1.0 is available through the Free Standards Group website.

LSB 1.1 standardizes the core functionality of Linux and the suite of GNU tools, giving Linux distributions the opportunity to reach a wider market, while allowing application developers to concentrate on increased functionality. The guidelines and testing suite make it easy to achieve LSB compliance.

Li18nux was created to answer the critical need to have a common foundation for language globalization. Li18nux includes vital tools needed by Linux distributions and applications in their globalization efforts.

With LSB 1.1 and Li18nux 1.0's full complement standards and testing capabilities, the Free Standards Group has created indispensable tools for Linux.

“Linux is the product of a community of developers. By using the same open source methodology and involving many of the same free software programmers, the LSB is a natural extension of Linux into the enterprise,” said Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux. “Through the definition and testing of operating system interfaces, the LSB creates a stable platform that benefits both developers and users.”

“By defining the core libraries of a Linux system, without prescribing the implementation, the LSB provides the standard that ISV's require without losing the flexibility and power that makes free software so great,” added Alan Cox, prominent Linux kernel developer.

About the Free Standards Group

The Free Standards Group is an independent, vendor-neutral, non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the use and acceptance of open source technologies through the development, application and promotion of standards. Headquartered in Oakland, Calif., the Free Standards Group fulfills a critical need in the open source development community to have common behavioral specifications, tools and APIs, making development across Linux distributions easier.

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