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FSMLabs releases RTLinux Beta V3.0 Hard RealTime Linux

Jan 5, 2000 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

FSMLabs released the beta V3.0 version of RealTime Linux (RTLinux) for Linux kernel version 2.3 today. The new version is based on the current development Linux kernel and has been completely re-implemented both to optimize performance and to make ports to non-x86 architectures easier. FSMLabs also announced a restricted release of V3Beta for the PowerPC processor with a general release expected in February.

RTLinux is a modified version of the Linux kernel that provides the hard real time functionality needed to control machinery while making the full power of the Linux kernel available. RTLinux V2 and above offer a stripped down version of the POSIX pthreads API, a powerful shared memory utility, solid support for symmetric multiprocessing.

Beta 3.0 is primarily designed to let RTLinux maintainers and ISVs get ready for the release of Linux production kernel 2.4 and the production RTLinux version that will then be available.

Victor Yodaiken of FSMLabs says “Linux 2.3 is a major improvement on Linux 2.2 and includes changes to simplify the RTLinux/Linux interface. We expect to have a fully tested, stable, RTLinux 3 ready in time for the Linux 2.4 release and will introduce a series of new features and ports in the next few months.”

About FSMLabs

FSMLabs is a service of VJY Associates LLC, a company formed by the original developers of RTLinux to work on real-time and embedded kernels. The technical leads for FSMLabs are Victor Yodaiken, Cort Dougan, and Michael Barabanov. The kernel under the GPL is available for download from Business inquiries should be directed to [email protected].

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