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FSMLabs releases RTLinux/Pro DevKit 1.1

Apr 30, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 4 views

Socorro, NM — (press release excerpt) — FSMLabs Inc. announces the immediate availability of RTLinux/Pro DevKit 1.1, a 'no-frills', ready-to-run system for developing and deploying real-time and embedded applications.

The RTLinux/Pro DevKit contains a new release of FSMLabs RTLinux/Pro hard real-time operating system and complete embedded Linux cross development environment. The RTLinux/Pro DevKit is designed to minimize the time and effort between 'put CD in host' and 'test application in target'.

A rapid installation process generates a complete development environment in which all components have been carefully selected, modified, and tested to assure compatible operation and completeness.

Changes since DevKit 1.0 include:

  • More supported architectures and boards
  • Better scalability, allowing for large realtime systems with high numbers of real-time threads
  • Extensions to the rigorous RTLinux/Pro regression suite
  • Better POSIX compliance
  • Better performance: especially on small footprint systems
  • Documentation upgrades including a 30 page getting started tutorial, and a 'step-by-step flash howto'
  • A complete embedded filesystem
  • A stabilized recent 2.4 series Linux kernel tested for durability and performance against each target architecture

Optional packages:

  • Lnet Advanced real-time networking layer
  • PSDD Advanced user-space real-time ControlsKit/XML building blocks for building control systems

Cross-compilers allowing you to develop targeted code from a commodity x86 Linux machine, running any distribution:

  • GCC 2.95.2, built as a native compiler and a cross compiler
  • Binutils, providing support for targeted development
  • GLIBC 2.1.3, built for use by the cross compiler on the development host

RTLinux/Pro currently supports the following architectures:

  • x86 – 486 and Pentium family, both SMP and UP; AMD Athlon (SMP and UP); AMD Elan SC520 chips (NetSC520); Many PC/104 boards (Ampro EmCore, WinSystems, Versalogic Bobcat); (Nearly all x86 systems can run RTLinux/Pro)
  • PowerPC – Motorola/IBM 6xx/7xx/74xx (SMP and UP); Motorola MPC860, MPC823, 8260; SynergyMicro VGM5, VSS4, VYMD, VYM2 (SMP and UP); Embedded Planet RPX 860; Embedded Planet RPX-SUPER 8260; Nearly every PowerPC board that runs Linux; IBM 405GP
  • ARM – StrongARM sa1100, such as the iPAQ handheld
  • Alpha – EV6 – FSMLabs supports RTLinux/Pro on this architecture, but does not provide build tools. Supported boards include the Compaq DS10, DS20, and DS40.

The development kit provides filesystems for each architecture, including the following tools:

  • Ash shell (Version 0.2)
  • Bash shell (Version 2.04); The default shell on most Linux systems
  • Busybox (Version 0.60.1); A suite of useful tools, linked to a common binary to save space on smaller machines
  • Bzip2 (Version 1.0.2); Compression utilities
  • GNU Awk (Version 3.1.0); Simplifies scripting and system management
  • GLIBC (Version 2.1.3); A small and tested C library for the target system
  • SH-Utils (Version 2.0); More useful system utilities for scripting and management
  • Tinylogin (Version 0.78); A suite of login and user management utilities
  • Xinetd (Version 2.3.3); A modern replacement for inetd, preferred by some users
  • Zlib (Version 1.1.4); Compression utilities, patched against the recent exploits.

Networking and other higher-level tools:

  • DHCP Client Daemon (Version 1.3.22}, For automatic network configuration of your embedded device
  • GDB (Version 5.0); GDB can be used in conjunction with the RTLinux Debugger in order to debug running real-time code
  • NetKit Utilities; Provides simple network utilities such as ping, rpcinfo, inetd, and a telnet daemon.
  • NTP (Version 4.1.0); All of the NTP client utilities and daemons are provided, simplifying time management of your embedded devices.
  • OpenSSH/OpenSSL (Versions 3.0.2p1/0.9.6c); Simplifies management of the embedded device in a secure environment. SSH is also provided on the host machine to simplify development
  • ProFTPD (Version 1.2.4);A full-featured FTP daemon for use on the embedded system.
  • THTTPD (Version 2.20b); This is a small, simple, and capable web server.
  • XMLRPC-C/W3C-libwww (Versions 0.9.9/5.3.2); Allows interaction with high-level management utilities over XMLRPC, simplifying cross-platform integration.

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