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Industry comments on Linux kernel 2.6.0 release

Dec 18, 2003 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 1 views

The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) released the following comments from some of its leading members showing support for the new Linux 2.6.0 kernel release:

  • Computer Associates — “Computer Associates fully supports the 2.6 Kernel and its general… availability. This is exciting because it will improve the behavior of Linux on form factors other than servers such as workstations. We see this fostering the growth in horizontal scaling and in the acceptance of the Java desktop on Linux. Also the User Mode Linux brings Linux closer to virtualization than ever before.” — Sam Greenblatt, Senior Vice President and Chief Architect, Computer Associates
  • Dell — “The release of the 2.6 kernel marks another milestone in the evolution of an enterprise class Linux. Customers looking to deploy Linux can take advantage of enhanced reliability, performance and stability of the kernel to support the most critical of applications, including Web serving, use in databases and database clustering, and high performance computing.” — Reza Rooholamini, Director of Software, Dell
  • Fujitsu — “Fujitsu welcomes the release of the 2.6 Linux kernel which shows the additional success of the Open Source communities. We are seeing the tremendous expansion of the Linux market, especially in the areas of application servers and database servers in Japan deploying the current 2.4 kernel. We are expecting much more in the 2.6 kernel. The reliability and the scalability are the features we want to see in it to extend the Linux market even to the mission critical areas. Fujitsu is firmly committed to Linux-based solutions covering not only Japan but also all over the world.” — Masahiro Date, General Manager, Linux Planning and Marketing Div., Fujitsu Limited
  • HP — “HP has made significant contributions to the 2.6 kernel, which offers greater performance and scalability for enterprise customers who are deploying industry standard Linux solutions. As an end-to-end Linux solution provider, HP will continue to work with the Open Source community to ensure Linux delivers the performance and return on investment that customers demand.” — Martin Fink, HP Vice President of Linux
  • IBM — “The release of the Linux 2.6 kernel represents another step forward in the evolution of Linux and builds upon its predecessors to bring even more benefits to businesses and customers around the world. IBM is pleased to have worked with the other members of the open source community to contribute to the Linux 2.6 kernel, which will deliver important enhancements in security, scalability, and networking that will take Linux to the next level.” — James Stallings, General Manager of Linux, IBM
  • Intel — “Linux 2.6 is a significant step forward for Enterprise users of Linux. New features target performance improvements, scalability, throughput and NUMA support. The 2.6 kernel also includes features that meet the Carrier Grade Linux Specification 2.0. These features allow Linux to be included in choices for deployment of enterprise class and telecommunications solutions.” — Richard Wirt, Senior Fellow and General Manager, Software Solutions Group, Intel
  • Mitsubishi — “We are extremely pleased at the release of Linux kernel 2.6. With its rich functionality and high reliability we believe Linux 2.6 will further accelerate the global adoption of Linux and open source software, in the business computing field and the embedded software field.” — Hiroshi Koezuka, Ph.D., General Manager, Information Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • MontaVista — “MontaVista Software sees the 2.6 kernel reinforcing Linux as the preferred embedded platform for advanced and high performance applications. The 2.6 release includes many MontaVista contributions – the preemptible kernel and high resolution timers in particular bring the benefit of real-time performance to Linux. With this release users can expect Linux to extend its reach beyond the desktop and server markets. MontaVista is committed to the evolution of Linux, to meet customer requirements for both advanced capabilities and for a stable platform for building embedded applications.” — Jim Ready, CEO and President, MontaVista Software
  • NEC — “NEC recognizes that the kernel 2.6 enhances robustness, scalability and other benefits for enabling wider use for enterprises. NEC has high expectations for more applications in growing areas such as core networking that use Carrier Grade Linux or embedded systems. NEC has contributed to the kernel 2.6 as well as other Open Source software and will continue the effort to provide customers more stable and reliable Linux platforms. NEC is pleased to welcome the kernel 2.6 series with customers who have been looking forward to its new features.” — Koichi Ikumi, Associate Senior Vice President, NEC
  • Novell — “The Linux industry is rapidly accelerating and the 2.6 kernel will add to the momentum. With this new release comes enhancements that will benefit customers from the desktop to the data center. Solutions based on this new kernel will allow Linux to fulfill its promise as an end-to-end enterprise computing platform.” — Chris Stone, Vice Chairman – Office of the CEO, Novell
  • NTT Comware — “We are pleased at the release of the 2.6 kernel offering mission-critical levels of reliability, upgraded scalability, performance enhancements and system optimization features that position Linux as a standard platform for enterprise system computing. NTT Comware has been a Linux champion to our customers and now we expect the new 2.6 kernel will drive even more use of Linux in enterprise systems.” — Hironobu Nagano, Senior Vice President, Business Development, NTT Comware
  • Red Hat — “Linux has matured into a platform that organizations have trusted to run critical IT infrastructure. The availability of the 2.6 kernel will mark a new milestone in the advancement of Linux with innovative features to increase performance and reliability.” — Paul Cormier, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Red Hat
  • Sun Microsystems — “Sun is very excited about the upcoming release of the 2.6 kernel and of the many capability improvements, such as the addition of the NPTL (Native POSIX Thread Library). The improved threading model is a big win for customers. Additionally there are multiple enhancements benefiting customers deploying Linux desktop solutions. The 2.6 kernel goes a long way in moving Linux from an OS used mainly on servers, to a truly enterprise-wide OS.” –Stephen Harpster, Director Linux Software Engineering, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  • SuSE — “The 2.6 kernel represents the collective work of many thousands of top developers around the world — bringing truly enterprise-ready capabilities to Linux. Business users will be able to take full advantage of many enhanced capabilities with the launch of solutions based on the 2.6 in 2004.” — Markus Rex, Vice President, Research and Development, SuSE
  • Turbolinux — “Turbolinux is fully embracing the forthcoming availability of the 2.6 Linux kernel. We expect the kernel enhancements, such as networking, memory and security will accelerate Linux deeper into the enterprise market.” — Koichi Yano, President and COO, Turbolinux

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