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Java, .Net object database gains open, wireless sync add-on

Mar 8, 2007 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Funambol is touting an open-source middleware component that enables its “push” data synchronization technology to be used with Db4Object's object database for mobile devices. The company says “Funambol Connector for db4o” simplifies the problem of pushing up-to-date information to field workers equipped with low-powered devices, such as mobile phones.

Funambol specializes in open-source push email and PIM (personal information management) software for handheld computers. The company's Funambol software suite aims to provide remote data management and user preference management via browser forms that can be integrated into a wireless carrier's website.

db4objects, meanwhile, is the creator of db4o, an open-source object database that stores Java or .Net objects natively, saving programmers the work of serializing and unserializing objects, and crafting SQL to store and retrieve it all.

The Funambol Connector for db4o was created by a member of Funambol's developer community, and is available as source code under the GPLv2. Funambol describes a typical use case in which customer data needs to be pushed out to field employees, such as sales reps and technicians. Using the Connector, the data can be treated as a single object and wirelessly synchronized “with a few simple commands,” the company says. This is said to be a lot simpler than extracting, manipulating, and transmitting customer data from multiple ERP (enterprise resource planning) tables to mobile devices.

db4objects CEO Christof Wittig stated, “Db4o is optimized for embedded use on mobile and other devices. Funambol and db4o are a perfect combination [that make] it much easier for developers and ISVs to mobilize complex applications and data.”


The Funambol Connector for db4o is open-source software licensed under the GPLv2. It is built for use with Funambol v3 and db4o v6.1, both of which are dual-licensed products, facilitating evaluation.

The Connector can be downloaded from the Funambol website and the db4o Developer Community site.

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