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LF chief talks up Moblin and the well-hedged OS

Dec 12, 2008 — by Eric Brown — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

In an interview with the Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin, the group's executive director explains why Moblin is “the project you want to watch.” Zemlin (pictured) also touts Linux for being ideally “well hedged” to survive the recession, but points to a future obstacle for the OS.

For a man whose job at the LF — in part — is to promote the awesomeness of Linux, Jim Zemlin's optimism is not surprising. Yet in the face of what looks to be the worst recession since the '70s, if not the '30s, one might assume a bit of qualified pessimism might be in order. Zemlin will have nothing of it, however, and he offered a compelling argument why Linux should ride out the recession just fine. (And it's not just about lower costs.)

Aigo's MID
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The recession was only a footnote to the main topic Zemlin wanted to discuss: why the Intel-sponsored project could change the face of the emerging consumer electronics platforms that straddle the line between desktop and embedded devices. While commonly known as the open-source development toolkit underlying mobile Internet devices (MIDs), the Moblin stack is also increasingly being put to use in netbooks, says Zemlin. Moblin could also have a big impact in other verticals such as automotive infotainment, he says. Click below for the full interview.

Jim Zemlin on Moblin and the well-hedged OS

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