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Lineo Joins the Extend The Internet (ETI) Alliance

Feb 29, 2000 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 1 views

CHICAGO, EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE — PRNewswire — Lineo Inc., a leading developer of embedded Linux system software, announced today that it joined the Extend the Internet (ETI) Alliance. Lineo Embedix, Lineo's line of embedded Linux-based software, adds the power, stability and connectivity of Linux to customized embedded devices. Founded by emWare Inc., provider of the EMIT device networking infrastructure, the ETI Alliance is comprised of 25 leading technology companies committed to extending the Internet to any device and accelerating the market for globally networked intelligent devices in homes, offices and factories.

As part of the agreement, Lineo and emWare will work together to integrate Lineo Embedix Linux with emWare's emMicrogateway, making it easier to connect devices to the Internet using the reliable, open source Linux platform.

“Lineo and emWare provide highly complimentary products,” said Brian Sparks, CEO of Lineo, Inc. “The combination of Lineo embedded system software with emWare's device network technologies creates a stable base for small network-attached devices.”

emMicrogateway is the software bridge and management system that emWare's EMIT technology uses to connect lightweight networks (RS485, IR, RF, Powerline) to wide-area networks. Lineo Embedix is a component-based family of embedded system software. This integration will give developers a full-featured, robust and low-cost operating system and development platform upon which to run their device networking solution. By managing and supporting their products over the Internet, manufacturers can speed development, decrease production costs and create more versatile solutions.

“Lineo's membership in the ETI Alliance adds a new dimension to the Alliance's portfolio of solutions for connecting the billions of devices in the post-PC age,” said Michael D. Nelson, emWare's CEO and co-founder. “As more and more devices are connected to networks, having a technically robust and secure solution becomes even more critical. Lineo's technology is a natural fit for set-top boxes, home gateway servers and point of sale terminals.”

The ETI Alliance develops partnerships in the technology, service and industry sectors to create end-to-end, device networking solutions. These partnerships can be found among semiconductor manufacturers, development tools providers, database and enterprise application providers, control manufacturers and the largest global networking infrastructure in the world.

emWare software solutions, combined with ETI Alliance member technologies, create complete, cost-effective e-smart devices including power meters that conserve energy, payphones that can be remotely diagnosed, office equipment that can be upgraded anywhere in the world, medical equipment that can be simultaneously viewed at the hospital, clinic and home, and building environmental controls data that can be viewed on a PDA, browser or telephone.

Members of the ETI Alliance currently include AT&T, Analog Devices, Atmel, Centura, ChipCenter, Computer Associates, emWare, HIWARE, Hitachi, Infineon, Invensys, Lineo, Microchip, Mitsubishi, Motorola, National Semiconductor, eMation, Pervasive, Philips, Phytec, SAP, STMicroelectronics, Sybase, TASKING and ZiLOG. To investigate device-networking solutions for your embedded project or for information on how to join the ETI (Extend The Internet) Alliance, call 1-877-436-9273 or visit

About Lineo, Inc. (

Lineo, Inc. develops, markets and sells embedded Linux system software and applications that provide OEMs and consumers with simple, low-cost software for interacting with the Internet via embedded devices. Lineo owns the Embedix product family including Embedix Linux, Embedix SDK and Embedix Browser.

About emWare, Inc. (

emWare's EMIT device-networking infrastructure is the essential element for managing any device, in any industry, over any network, using any interface. emWare has the device networking software and delivers the companies to make e-smart devices that provide information to better manage home and work environments a reality today. emWare is the founder of the Extend The Internet (ETI) Alliance.

This progressive group of technology companies is committed to providing complete, cost-effective e-smart solutions based on standard Internet technologies that enable any electronic device to be managed and controlled remotely over the Internet. Established in May 1996, emWare, Inc. is a privately-held company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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