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Lineo releases Embedix RealTime, adds trace tool

Aug 17, 2000 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 3 views

LinuxWorld — (press release) — Lineo today announced the beta for Embedix RealTime, a real-time development environment of Linux. Embedix RealTime is used for mission-critical applications requiring guaranteed response time in the telecom, military simulation, and industrial control markets.

Embedix RealTime provides true hard real-time capabilities for Linux with deterministic, bounded scheduling and interrupt latencies in the tens of microsecond range. This is a key difference from the soft real-time solutions provided by many other Linux vendors.

The new overlay installation format of Embedix RealTime simplifies installation, ensuring that real-time Linux developers can preserve the configuration of their existing development machines without needing to perform a complete system re-install or without having to integrate those system patches which enable the Embedix RealTime services, debug, and system analysis tools.

In addition to enhanced real-time diagnostic and development tools and expanded product documentation, Embedix RealTime also includes the new Linux Trace Tool Kit (LTT), an invaluable system analysis tool that provides users with the ability to graphically display system events. LTT is an open source Linux tool whose development for real-time tasks was sponsored by Lineo, and is similar to the trace tools provided by proprietary real-time operating systems. Until now, no similar tool has been available for real-time Linux.

Embedix RealTime builds upon the previous four RealTime Linux installation CDs produced by Zentropix, Inc., whose merger with Lineo was announced in February of this year. This release of Embedix RealTime builds upon our earlier work by providing developers with an easy and fast installation method, greatly enhanced debug and real-time system analysis tools, and a complete programmers guide for RealTime Linux,” said Jim Norton, general manager of the industrial solutions group at Lineo. “This new installation CD should prove to be invaluable to those who have been watching RealTime Linux from the sidelines, waiting for a solution which doesn't require a lot of patience to evaluate.”

The beta cycle for Embedix RealTime is expected to run for three weeks, with availability to the general public anticipated in Q4 2000. The CD, which is expected to be priced at $149, will be distributed through the Lineo online store. For additional technical information regarding Embedix RealTime, read this technical bulletin.

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