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Linux Journal fills September issue with Embedded Linux

Aug 25, 2000 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Linux Journal has “gone embedded” in a big way, for its September issue! The special Embedded Linux issue contains numerous articles on a wide range of embedded Linux applications and issues.

Don Marti, in his introductory editorial, sets the tone for the issue . . .

“Embedded systems, meet Linux. Linux, meet embedded systems. GNU/Linux as a platform for the next generation of appliances, Internet or other, is one of those great no-brainer technical decisions that comes along every few years. Kind of like Cat-5 cable. But look at how many people agree. If embedded Linux tools were on the shelf at your local computer store, it would take a big shelf to hold them. So which embedded Linux company should you look to when you decide to put Linux on your toaster, or your company's new line of desktop machine tools? . . .”

Here is a summary of the issue's embedded Linux articles, several of which are available to read online (as indicated) . . .

  • Embedded Systems — an overview of the issue (containing the above quote), by Linux Journal technical editor Don Marti. (read article online)

  • The Next Bang: The Explosive Combination of Embedded Linux, XML, and Instant Messaging — Linux will have instant messaging (IM). Jeremie Miller and the people from Jabber will see to it. Doc Searls reveals the importance of XML and how it is being used by Jabber to bring IM to the Open Source community and beyond. He takes an in-depth look at Embedded Linux and some of the companies vying for a share of this lucrative market. (read article online)

  • The Axis 2100 Network Camera — Jason Schumaker reviews this Linux-run network camera from Axis Communications, providing complete install procedures, system requirements, price and more. (read article online)

  • VoIP and Embedded Linux — This article by Linux Journal staff writers explains how to place long distance phone calls over the Internet with a Linux-powered phone. The Aplio/Pro is a stand-alone appliance providing the Linux faithful with access to voice over ID, or VoIP — a relatively new piece of the telecommunications market.

  • An Interview with Inder Singh — CEO of LynuxWorks — LynuxWorks has quickly become a major player in the Embedded Linux arena. In this interview with Don Marti and Jason Schumaker, he talks about the importance of Linux becoming an open standard platform, the fragmentation of the embedded industry, his role on the board of the Embedded Linux Consortium and why he changed his company's name.

  • An Interview with Andrew Leyden — CEO of PenguinRadio — Andrew talks with Jason Schumaker about the founding of PenguinRadio, why they decided to use embedded Linux, how well Linux has worked so far, what problems have arisen, when their new Internet radio will hit the market (and at what price), and whether PenguinRadio intends to release their software as open source.

  • Compaq's Approach to Linux in Your Hand — Linux Journal staff editors review the status of Compaq's Linux handheld activities, including ITSY and the Open Handheld project. Dick Greeley, program manager for the Open Handheld program and a member of Compaq's Corporate Research team, is interviewed and talks about why Compaq chose Linux, about the new handheld technology website ( established by Compaq, about the transition of the research team's focus from ITSY to iPAQ, and about the challenges that lie ahead.

  • Linux in Embedded Industrial Applications: A Case Study — Luca Fini writes in detail about a real-world application based on embedded Linux. In order to allow the acquisition of diagnostic data from an existing industrial plant which was not designed for the purpose, a protocol converter gateway was built based on an industrial PC running Linux. Fini defines the system requirements, explains why they chose Linux, and discussed the architecture of the resulting Linux based solution.

  • Internet Appliances with a Twist — In his monthly Embedded Systems column, Rick Lehrbaum visits Adomo and writes about their plans to fill your home with a network of low-cost, easy-to-use information appliances — with Embedded Linux inside. Adomo's home information system is based on a client/server architecture, with a centralized Linux server and multiple “thin” Embedded Linux client devices, and will be primarily based open source software.

  • A Review of TimeSys Linux/RT — Daniel Lazenby takes a look at TimeSys Linux/RT (Professional Edition), and gives his impressions: What does it do? How hard is it to install? How hard is it to use? How good is the documentation? His bottom-line assessment: “Looks promising and should be able to do the job.”
Assuming you're interested in Embedded Linux, you'll probably want to run out and get yourself a copy of this Linux Journal issue right away!

— Rick Lehrbaum

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