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Linux powers configurable communications recorder

Aug 23, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 48 views

German equipment manufacturer ASC Telecom has revised its Linux-based communications server, adding hybrid VoIP (voice-over-IP) and TDM (time-division multiplexing) recording capabilities. The Marathon EvoLite is the first available communications recorder based on embedded Linux, the Rotkreuz-based company claims.

ASC Telecom's Marathon EvoLite

Communications recorders are used by call centers, radio dispatchers, and customer service departments to archive communications, often to comply with government regulations. The Marathon EvoLite is a relatively small communications recorder that targets small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that need to record fewer than 50-60 phone lines simultaneously.

ASC says that as a Linux-based device, the EvoLite's open architecture allows it to be integrated with customer applications. For example, a call center could program the device to begin recording only when a worker performed a specific operation, or launched a specific application, according to the company. The device can record in bulk, selectively based on rules, or on demand.

The EvoLite's connectivity capabilities include:

  • Trunk-side recording of ISDN-BRI, ISDN-PRI, E1, T1, and analog lines
  • PCM30 integration with select turrets and dealer boards
  • Digital extension taps for select PBXs
  • VoIP recording
  • Hybrid recording for VoIP / TDM

The EvoLite supports up to 48 analog phone lines, and up to 48 digital phone lines when using a “multi-vendor tap card” (MVTP), ASC says. It can support up to 60 digital lines when using a “PRI/PCM30.”

Bitrates can be set separately for each channel, with six compression levels from 4.8 to 64 Kbit/sec.

The EvoLite has an unspecified number of hot-swappable hard drives configured by default in a RAID 1 array. As supplied, the device can store up to 175,000 hours of phone, VoIP, and/or radio communications. It is available with IOMEGA or DVD-R drives, for data archival. It fits in standard 2U 19-inch rackspace.

The EvoLite comes with a “PowerPlay” Windows app that can be used to playback or monitor conversations over the LAN. Alternatively, a built-in web server provides several browser-based interfaces said to require no plug-ins or additional configuration. The most recent calls may also be audited via telephone, using a “last calls repeat” feature.

PowerPlay application
(Click to enlarge)

Additional touted features include:

  • Can be integrated with customer applications, for example to attach relevant data to each call
  • Customer applications can start and stop recording, to increase data pertinence
  • Common API with other ASC products
  • Call Tagger provides “free-seating” capability without CTI (computer-telephony integration)
  • Supports CTI products from ASC for additional call detail recording

Anton Greiersen, VP of global sales, stated, “Marathon EvoLite is ideal for customers with a limited number of telephone lines. It meets the highest technological and security standards yet, and is easy to install and use. All ASC applications, such as search-and-retrieval or remote playback, may be performed with the recorder.”

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