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Microwindows v0.89 is released

Nov 21, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

An announcement from the Microwindows project . . .

Microwindows v0.89 is released, and available as two archives. Version 0.89 release supports multi-threading, DVDVIEW, PCF fonts, tiles/stipples

This release adds many enhancements and bugfixes. Major enhancements include support for X11 .pcf/.pcf.gz and MGL loadable fonts, Japanese JISX0213 and EUCJP encoding/fonts, multithreading… library support, tiles, stipples, dashed line and non-rectangular window support. Bugfixes for ARM architecture processors is also included. Many new demo programs are now included.

The 0.89 release also supports the DVDVIEW and SMPEG digital multimedia players, and the recently added support for Microwindows in the SDL library. DVDVIEW supports single-threaded mpeg display using direct client-side framebuffer access for highest speed.

The source archive is here.

Truetype, T1Lib, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts are available here.

These applications and libraries are also available on the Microwindows ftp site. The new CONTENTS file identifies compatibility with all known external libraries and applications.

New APIs

    GrSetGraphicsExposure, GrQueryPointer
    GrNewBitmapFromPixmap, GrNewBitmapRegion, GrNewRegionFromPixmap
    GrGetTypedEventPred, GrGetTypedEvent, GrQueueLength
    GrSetGCLineAttributes, GrSetGCDash, GrSetGCFillMode
    GrSetGCTile, GrSetGCStipple, GrSetGCTSOffset

Thanks to everyone, especially Alex and Jordan, for outstanding contributions. I plan on starting work on v0.90 immediately, as several large contributions have still not been fully integrated. This release is stable.

Have fun! – Greg

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