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Mini Linux distro for Linksys wrt54g wireless access point

Sep 9, 2003 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 29 views

Jim Buzbee has lead the creation of a mini Linux distribution for Linksys wrt54g wireless access points. The rudimentary embedded implementation is not for deployment on the Internet, but provides a few basic Linux tools and network analysis packages such as snort, as well as capability of telneting into the… device to begin exploring its capabilities. Currently available as version 0.1, the distro has been tested on wrt54gs with firmware version v1.30.7, Jul. 8, 2003.

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An installation script tested on Linux and MacOS can be modified to use wget or Java. It installs a small set of Linux tools to the access point's ramdisk in about 20 seconds, according to Buzbee. The installation makes no permanent changes to the device, which can be restored to its original state by cycling the power.

Tools include syslog, telnetd, httpd (with cgi-bin support), vi, snort, mount, nfs, insmod, rmmod, top, grep, and more.

For information, visit Mr. Buzbee's page Linux access on the WRT54G .

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