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Mobile data optimization tool supports Android

Mar 1, 2010 — by Eric Brown — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

WindSpring, Inc. announced a data analysis, compression, and data tuning tool-suite for mobile devices. DMTools 5.0 is designed to optimize application data on Android, iPhone, Windows CE, and Symbian-based devices, and runs on Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows desktops, says the company.

Despite the 5.0 version level, DMTools 5.0 appears to be a debut product, although the tool-suite may well incorporate elements of earlier WindSpring products such as WindSpring Mobile and WindSpring Gazelle. Both Mobile and Gazelle offered WindSpring's patented Data Miniaturization Technology (DMT) whichi is touted for transforming large files into the Micro Data Format (MDF).

DMTools appears to be available as an Eclipse plugin, as it is said to work with Ecilpse, as well as other integrated development environments (IDEs) such as XCode (OS X), and VS20xx and eBinder on Windows (see diagram below). The tool-suite combines patented compression algorithms with libraries that provide consistent APIs for read, edit, search, and data access, says WindSpring.

DMTools operating system and IDE chart

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Internally, the libraries manage compressed block size, optimize memory footprint, and provide a file and data caching subsystem. Optionally, the libraries can also implement a performance monitoring system for tracing all aspects of data access, says the company.

DMTools architecture

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The DMTools software supplies utilities to enable efficient data management, memory optimization, and high performance for mobile applications, says the company. Additional features are said to include the ability to edit or search a compressed data set without having to decompress it.

DMTools applications and libraries
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Stated Tom Hunt, WindSpring president and CEO, "We created DMTools because we understood that thinking about mobile application data only in terms of applying compression was not the answer — the ability to manage memory utilization and application performance was equally important. DMTools gives developers better control not only of their application, but of how their application works and interacts with the data."


DMTools 5.0 is available now for Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows desktops, supporting development on Android, iPhone, Windows CE, and Symbian-based devices, says WindSpring. The company did not list pricing, but says that a 30-day evaluation version is available.

WindSpring also offers one of its compression analysis tools for free download. More information may be found here.

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