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Motorola’s Embedded Linux commitment: Emerging trend?

Dec 27, 1999 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

News analysis . . .

Motorola Computer Group and Linuxcare have recently announced a strategic deal whereby Linuxcare will provide embedded Linux technical support and engineering services to Motorola Computer Group's support and development organization. The focus will be on embedded Linux product engineering, product customization, and application development.

Charles Babcock of ZDNet Interactive Week reports (see story here) “the contract is another sign of embedded systems vendors' interest in Linux for communications, Internet appliances, imaging, and industrial automation applications.” “Other firms shipping or planning to produce Internet appliances based on embedded Linux include Coollogic, Lineo, and Nokia” continues Babcock.

David Penn, in an article in Linux Journal news and articles about Linux and open source.

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