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New uClinux / DragonBall system development kit

Feb 14, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 35 views

Lindon, UT — (press release excerpt) — today, Lineo announced the uCdimm, a new microcontroller module based on a DragonBall VZ microcontroller, and uCevolution, a new development platform which gives developers a quick way to cross port to a variety of processors. These two new products will be part of a new Lineo uClinux Development Kit.


The Lineo uCevolution development platform and family of embedded microcontroller modules paired with the uClinux operating system make an ideal platform for embedded Internet appliance development. uCevolution provides developers with the capability to exchange processor cores by simply switching a DIMM-style microcontroller module. In addition to this flexibility, uCevolution also offers over seven square inches of prototyping space and a host of standard connectors including: two ethernet ports, two serial ports, two USB ports and connectivity for external LCD touch screens.

uCdimm DragonBall VZ

The Lineo uCdimm microcontroller module (info) has efficient power usage capabilities and in advanced power management can be battery operated. It also comes embedded with the powerful uClinux operating system, an open source project funded and maintained by Lineo. The small uCdimm microcontroller (1.6 x 2.9 in) fits in a standard DIMM socket, ideal for small embedded devices and features on-board ethernet, including magnetics, and the ability to control up to 22 input/output devices. The new DIMM form factor now gives developers access to the popular Motorola DragonBall VZ feature set which includes the faster 33 MHz Motorola 68k core and enhanced LCD display support. Future uCdimm family members will include FPGA, ARM7, ARM9, M68K/ColdFire, SuperH and StrongARM.

DragonBall VZ uCdimm SBC


uClinux is an open source project primarily funded and maintained by Lineo (info). It was made popular by its ability to run on processors without memory management hardware and has a typical kernel footprint of only 512KB or less. uClinux is used in numerous devices such as: Axis Network Camera, Lineo NETtel VPN router, Aplio Internet phone, Adomo set top appliance, Crossport Pivio Secure Broadband and NetSilicon's NET+Lx development platform.

Pricing and Availability

Lineo uCdimm DragonBall Development Kit is sold for $995. The kit includes a uCdimm DragonBall microcontroller module, a uCevolution host platform, a uClinux software CD, and documentation. The uCdimm can also be purchased as a stand-alone product.

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